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Likert Scale of Lesson

No description

Cassandra Barcelo

on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of Likert Scale of Lesson

Authentic, Formative Assessments 2 - I feel that maybe my lesson was lacking in the authentic, formative assessment area. I did assess the students as to what they were understanding as I conducted the various lessons. I feel that a recommendation that I could do next time is to have the students monitor their own learning and break into pairs to discuss the animals various characteristics. Active, In-depth Learning 5 - I feel that in my lesson the students where able to evaluate the animals in many different modalities. This allowed them to go more in depth with their learning and to justify why they thought a certain animal belonged in each category with their characteristics. Likert Scale of Cassandra Jones Math and Science Lesson Plan 1-5 Opportunities for Collaboration 4 - I feel that the students were able to have opportunities to discuss the animals characteristics as a group while making the chart. I also think that it foster communication between the children and had them work together to come up with answers to which animal went where. Attention to Prior Knowledge, Experience and Development 3 - In the beginning of the lesson I did ask the students what they knew about animals and their characteristics. I feel that I did scaffold on what they already knew by reading a book after discussing what each student knew. I think that I could recommend next time also doing a KWL chart along with this lesson so that students can see what they originally knew, what they want to learn and what they learned. I believe in Kindergarten these charts are very useful and that I should have implemented it also. Knowledge Organized around Core Concepts and Connections 5 - I feel with the various activities that I utilized such as reading a book on animal's characteristics, watching and video and having the students do their own research on animal characteristics that I was able to draw core concepts and connections together for the students as they were involved in the learning process as researchers. Principles of Teaching for Understanding Development of Metacognitive Skills 4 - I feel that I helped the student's reflect on their thinking by using the chart to display their work. Each student was asked about the characteristics of the animals and were able to discuss where it belonged on the chart. Every student was able to state their opinion and reflect on why they believed what they did.
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