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jelena agafonova

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Process analysis of online motor insurance renewal How many policies were renewed online? Suggestions Costs Q&A The team Problem I couldn't pay for policy in installments I couldn't renew my Casco policy I couldn't change coverage Problem:
How to enhance performance of online sales of motor insurance renewal? Application and process changes:

One entry point for all online services
Change of business rules
Minimize number of steps in application
Show price ASAP
Clear error messages Introduce new payment channels and methods

Implement installments
Support all online banking systems
Bank transfers Define clear pricing strategy:

Provide same price through all online services

Online has to be cheapest channel:

Include all loyalty programs
Include employee discount Define the client:

Younger, urban generation
Increase prospect segment for online channel

Introduce targeted marketing campaigns:

Increase awareness
Increase traffic
DIY Changing business rules Costs: 2.000 EUR


Increase of potential population by 10% to 30%
Increase of sales by 7 to 15% Defining pricing strategy Marketing campaigns Identifying desired client segment
and attracting new clients Costs: 2.800 EUR


Identical price from different channels
Policy conclusion increase by 90%
Cost savings Costs: 4.200 EUR


Increase awareness among desired clients
Increase the sales volumes Costs: 5000 EUR
Implementation: 1000 EUR per month
Increase of traffic by 1700%
Increase in written policy number by 45% Improvements of application Costs: 4000 EUR


Improved conversion rate by 19%
Increase in written policy number by 7% Additional payment methods
and payment channels Costs: 3.500 EUR
Commissions for transaction execution: average 3% per transaction


The number of clients, who are willing to conclude policy online will increase by 20% I can get better price with agent Polona Jelena Tine Matej Menthors:
Borut Klepec, Matjaz Horvat, Jurij Jaklic Key strategic direction of Triglav group:
".....developing alternative sales channels..." Analysis:
Enterprise architecture
Usability test
Phone/Web surveys
Foreign practice
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