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European Travel

No description

Tucker Tierney

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of European Travel

European Travel Guide First we will be going to Dublin
Ireland!!! This is the Irish Flag It rains alot in ireland. But when it doesn't rain it is very nice and warm outside. You will be visting the Blarney Castle. We will be flighing United Airways for $1376 per person. We will be staying in a 8 Bed Mixed
Ensuite for about $20 a night. We will be taking you to the Dublin Castle We will also be visting the National Museum of Ireland. These are the Dublin Mountains! We will be walking around here all day! Now We are goin to Paris, France!!! Now we will be flighing to Paris, France on United Airways! It cost $1,799 per person! This is where we will be staying at the Vintage Hostle for $40 a night! First we will be going to the Effel Tower. €10: full-day access to the Louvre, except for temporary exhibitions in the Hall Napoléon
also valid for the Musée Eugène Delacroix Now we will be going to the Louvre museum! We will be going to the different sections for 2 days to see the whole museum. And lastly we will be going to the Grand Arche. Now you will be flighing back to Charlotte, NC. Hope you guys had fun! Come back next time!
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