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Media's changing

No description

Salome Guyot

on 24 February 2017

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Transcript of Media's changing

"It's our world. Media, people and industry have to change with it"
Amber Case : We are all cyborgs right now
The development of Mass media Industries
Keys ideas
Life cycle contains 5 stages :

- Innovation 
- Penetration 
- Peak 
- Decline 
- Adaptation 
3 dimensions :
- The evolution of the media
- How people use it
- Economic dimension

Friday, February 24, 2017
Vol XCIII, No. 311
From NPR news
The tricky Business of predicting where media will go next
t : The place of the media in our society, with the news technologies.

First interviewer: Speak about convergence of the newspaper today and not about the « place ».

Newspapers has to make some innovations to keep their audience. Example :
- 2005 : Huffington post made the notion of aggregation = Collect of stories and links and they put it one the webpage of the journal. Goal : Bringing together the best from the web. Now, all of the news paper use it.
- John Steinberdg, president of Buzzfeed explain that the goal of his website is that all of the article has to be shared.
General idea : the media of yesterday change, and it's normal. Time change as well, media change with the time.
General idea : Technology is a big part of our society.
Media and us change for it.


- Who use phone, computer, tablet (technologies) when he/she whakes up ?
- Who use phone, computer, tablet (technologies) when he/she's going to sleep ?

- Do news technologies make us more humans ?
Media, people and industries changing
Amber Case :
Studied the symbiotic interaction between humans and machines.
- Speaks about a new anthropologie : cyborgs anthropology.
- « Mary Poppins technology »

- Time and space compressed
- Main idea : New technologies allow us to become more human, because we're connected with each other.
- New form of human connexion.
The "Mary Poppins technology"
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