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No description

Nitra Soumetho

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Iphone

When was your invention invented?

Who was it invented by? Is there a story behind it?
Apple and Steve Jobs

What is the main reason your invention was invented?
For people to buy more of the iPhones

Who has your invention impacted? Has it been in a good way or bad?
Production of Apple's iPhone may have been severely impacted after thousands
of factory workers in China went on strike over working on a national holiday
and increasing pressures to improve the product's quality. It has been bad

Are there similar products?
Yes, there are, but you might have a hard time finding one.

Third-party Lightning to 30-pin adapters for their new iPhone 5 handsets from electronics sellers from
China and Hong Kong, and they seem to work fine
. But “seem” is the key word there. Quality undoubtedly
varies from seller to seller, so it’s impossible to make blanket recommendations.

How have the sales of your invention changed over time?

They get more expensive each time they get faster and bet

How has your invention changed over time? Does it still exist?
It is faster bigger screen and it has qualities
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