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Arnold Gesell

No description

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Arnold Gesell

Arnold Lucius Gesell (Father of Child Development) was born in Alma, Wisconsin on June 21, 1880.
He went to school at Clark University, and taught at a high school for a little while then went on to attend the University of Wisconsin. Their he received his Bachelor of Philosophy degree, and after receiving his degree he was determined to become a doctor and later went to medical school in Wisconsin. Later after that he served as an assistant professor at Yale University, while there he developed the Clinic of Child Development. At the clinic he received his masters degree in 1915. He later died in May of 1961.

Arnold Gesell Quote
" If we use effective tools,the child reveals himself to all who will stop and listen to what he says, and who, with seeing eyes, will watch what he does."
Sites used for information
Arnold Gesell
Luisa Ramirez
Mariah Rangel
Gradients of growth
Motor characteristic
Personal hygiene
Fears and dreams
Self and sex
Interpersonal relation
Play and pastimes
School life
Ethical sense
Philosophic outlook
Arnold Gesell's Theory
He is a maturationist; his descriptions of development patterns in childhood emphasize physical and mental growth that he sow as determined primary by heredity.

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