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Christmas Trivia

No description

Katie Ann Shaw

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Christmas Trivia

Village Baptist Church:
Cookie Ministry 2012 Christmas Trivia Rules Each team will consist of an equal number of team members and each team will be assigned a reindeer.
You can use this reindeer to help you with ONE question you are struggling with and need help. You can`t ask if he knows the answer! If you ask him the question and he doesn`t know, sorry.
Keep quiet; you don`t want other teams stealing your answers.
You (as a team) will be given a Rudolf-the-red-nosed-christian to help lead you through this game. When you think you know the answer he/she will tell you if it is wrong or right.
You will receive three points if you answer the question entirely but only one if you just touch the basis of it.
EXAMPLE: If the question was `In Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, what present did Santa Clause give to Lucy at the end of the movie to convince her to de-frost Jack?
If you answer, `A snow globe.`, you will be given one point. But, if you answer, `A snow globe that has her hugging a snowman.`, you will receive three points. Question 2: In Home Alone 2, which state was Kevin lost in? Question 1: In A Christmas Story, what present did Ralphie want more than any other present in the world? A Red Rider BB Gun New York Question 3: How many reindeer are there? Name them all. Dancer-Prancer-Comet-Cupid-Vixon-Donner-Blitzen-Dasher-Rudolf (9) Question 4: In Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, what method does Jack Frost use to try to `steal` Christmas? Jack has Scott hold his snow globe from the `Hall of Snow Globes`and say, "I wish I`d never been Santa". Question 5: Who did the Grinch `secretly` love? Martha May Whovier Question 6 What actor plays Steve Finch in Deck the Halls? (Also in Ferris Bueller`s Day Off)? Question 7: What is known as the Christmas Flower? Poinsettia Matthew Broderick Question 8: In a Christmas Carol, which ghost visited Scrooge SECOND on his journey through time? Ghost of Christmas Present Question 9 What present does Mrs. Weasley give Harry Potter every year? Hand knitted clothing with an `H` on it (for Harry). Question 10: What present does Howard Langston race, fight, and compete to get for his son on Christmas Day? The Turboman Toy Question 11: In the Polar Express, how does billy loose his bell? It falls out of his pocket. Question 12: What is Buddy`s signature/favorite meal? Spaghetti noodles and maple syrup. Question 13: In Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, what occupation does Herbie want to pursue instead of making toys? Dentistry Question 14: In Mickey`s Once Upon A Christmas, what wish did Huey, Dewey, and Louie make that backfired after a course of two days? For everyday to be Christmas Question 15: In Santa Clause Is Coming To Town, who is the ruler that forbids Kris Kringle to give presents out to children? Question 16: In Miracle on 34th Street, what does it mean when a bell rings? An angel gets its wings Burgermeister Meisterburger
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