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N.O.3 Rush

CrankTech Product Certification

Syd Fullmer

on 7 December 2010

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Transcript of N.O.3 Rush

nitric oxide What is nitric oxide Nitric oxide is formed in your body by the breakdown of amino acids L-arginine is an amino acid that is naturally produced by your body Nitric oxide increases the amount of blood flow by dialating your arteries longer. Allowing more nutrients to flow through reaching the muscles. Muscle Growth muscles require nutrients as they repair and build as more blood flows through the better those muscles develop now that you know the basics of nitric oxide and arginine............... arginine-alphaketoglutarate promotes growth hormones how does this affect growth of muscles? L-citruline monohydrate helps the body produce arginine vitamin B12 vitamin B6 vitamin D3 How does this help my workouts?? this sends signals faster to your muscles.....resulting in more efficient lifting motions results are more tears in the muscles to rebuild where does this fit in weight training and fitness? protein metabolism is responsible for the synthesis of proteins and amino acids without vitamin B6 there would be a shortage of protein to rebuild muscles It helps metabolize calcium and then it sends the calcium through the blood flow vitamins are organic compounds that are vital to life..... ......and those nutrients are essential to muscle growth the better production of energy cells will increase the longevity of workouts fenugreek saponins ......made from the fenugreek herb increases appetite maintains hormone levels so what is the purpose....... natural growth agents increase building levels this cuts down on the recovery time so the muscles can be worked out again sooner now we can look at the what will our clients see......... faster recovery time higher muscle growth more energy for longer workouts tighter muscle frame after workouts more confidence quicker muscle gain our customers are looking for growth and so is our cranktech team our first supplement in the world of maintains blood sugar levels a helper enzyme that transports electrons during metabolism The amino acid that is broken down is called L-arginine growth hormones are essential in body building. They tell your body to increase glucose uptake in your muscles here's a little growth hormones increase protein and fat cell metabolism without any negative side effects tearing down muscle fibers as far as they can go........ but there is still more...... how does this help in muscle gain? necessary for protein metabolism does it really matter?? something extra....... nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide .....increases energy levels stimulates maturation of cells....including muscle cells arginine-ketoisocaproate reflexes are quicker as you workout NAD+ .....but there is more to the calcium ion is the blood's main nutrient transporter vitamins are abundant within helps with response in fast-twitch muscles breaks down proteins for the muscles absorbs calcium into the blood this means that nutrients (as in creatine and protein) rely on calcium to reach targeted muscles benefits also helps in the production of red blood cells When should

be taken? on non-workout days two pills in the morning........ ......and two pills in the evening on workout days two pills 30 minutes before working out...... ......and two pills 30 minutes after working out
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