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Copy of The Physics of Superheroes: Superhero or Superhuman

Nhi Tran #18 Block 1 Physics 2/7/13

Keshona Fletcher

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Physics of Superheroes: Superhero or Superhuman

Problem and Hypothesis
Case Summary
Keshona Fletcher #4
Block 2 Physics

The Physics
of Superheroes:
Superhero or

Problem Statement:
Do superheroes live among us? Are they people with super abilities or just a hoax? Are you a superhero if you have super abilities? How do people obtain superhuman abilities? Determine the answer to these questions through varies amounts of research and evaluation. Make sure each questions is answered at some point during the presentation. Understand the differences, connections, and relationship between humans, super humans, superheroes, and Physical Science, as well as it's plethora of laws and equations.
A superhero is someone who defies the laws of physics; however, super humans are humans with extraordinary abilities that come from genetic mutation, training, birth or some other kind of genetic or chemical change(s). These changes can alter the human body to accomplish feats that are above human ability, and some time human understanding. So if someone is a super human, he/she is someone with higher than average abilities. They are not a super hero, unless they defy the laws of physics. The data supports the hypothesis.
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If you have super-human abilities in this world, then you are a superhuman; if you have super-natural abilities in a fictional world, then you can be a superhero (or villain).
Research Questions:

What is the difference between a superhero and a superhuman? How can super being obtain their abilities? How do superheroes relate to the laws of Physics? How do certain provably superpowers apply and relate to corresponding Physical Science formulas and equations?
Do superheroes really live among us today? Or are they just freaks of nature, mutations of evolution, or perhaps just humans with superhuman abilities? Who are these superheroes who may live among us? Use the daily news and laws of physics to track down and determine if superheroes are among us or just a hoax.
Batman (Bruce Wayne), though he has no superpowers, has above-average physical and mental abilities. His strength, speed, endurance, and agility is at the peak of human perfection. He is able to bench press up to 1000 pounds. He is also a master strategist and detective. ("Batman (Bruce Wayne)")

Superman (Clark Kent) is from a planet Krypton where the population has more enhanced physiology than most humans. He can accelerate at a faster rate than humans can, can lift incredible weights that for humans would crush them. He also has incredible vision and is able to see at microscopic levels. He defies the laws of physics as he is able to fly, shoot flames from his eyes, and run at speeds (2000 miles per second) and lift weights (up to about 1,000,000 tons) that do not completely damage his body. ("Superman (Clark Kent)")

Wim Hof, a Dutchman, has the ability to survive sub-zero temperatures normally fatal to humans. His ability gives him the nickname: The Ice Man. In his feats in the extreme cold, such as submerging his whole body in an ice tub, he does not suffer from hypothermia or frostbite. When submerged in freezing temperatures, his body response is calm and comfortable, whereas a normal human would have a shock-like reaction to the cold. Doctors and scientists speculate his ability to withstand the cold lie in his brain being able to control his body heat. (Angier, 2008)

Slavisa Pajkic is a man who can withstand high voltages that are known to be fatal to humans without feeling a thing. He can set alcohol soaked things ablaze with the discharge from his skin. He claims to be able to conduct and insulate heat and electricity, as he is able to light up a light bulb and cook a sausage with a metal rod and his skin. It is still a mystery as to how Pajkic is able to have this ability but it is suggested that the ability is due to a defect. Pajkic has no salivary glands or sweat glands so the electricity does not pass through him, but rather passes on his outer skin that acts as a natural insulator. (Spooky, 2011)

Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) is an Amazonian from the land of Amazon. Wonder Woman's powers were granted by the Greek gods. Wonder Woman has enhanced speed, strength, agility, and reflexes. She is able to defy the laws of physics as she can fly, recover quickly from bullet wounds, and have strength large enough to pull 1/3 of the Earth. She can also accelerate quickly and go at extreme speeds, up to Mach 5 (about 1,100 m/s) or greater without any damage to her body. ("Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)")

Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) is a master archer who specializes in archery, aviation, and martial arts. He does not possess superpowers but has above-average skill and accuracy with his bow and arrow as well as enhanced agility and acrobatics. He does well with hand to hand combat and is skillful with a sword. He can lift at least twice his body weight (at least 390 pounds) without injuring himself. ("Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)")

Guy Bavli is a magician, a mentalist, and a master illusionist who has telekinesis. He has the power to bend metal, move objects with his mind, and stop his heart for a short amount of time then resurrect back to life ("Guy Bavli (b. 1971)"). He is able to move a pen into a glass without touching it. The gamma waves in his left brain are substantially increased when he performs such telekinesis feats. However, due to his profession as a magician and illusionist, there are a large number of skeptics who disregard his ability. (Brod, 2011)

Green Lantern the name of several superheroes from the fictional DC Universe, all of whom are characterized by a power ring and the ability to create solid constructs with the ring.

Super Humans
Super Heroes
Have abilities beyond
the average human
Abilities caused by genetics,
mutation, or outside physical
sources (ex. chemicals, parental upbringing, etc.)
Follows the laws of
Defies the laws of
Some acquires
abilities through birth
Have powers beyond the realistic capacities of human beings
Powers within scope
of human capacity
1. Research given facts.
2. Develop a problem statement.
3. Form a hypothesis.
4. Identify differences between humans, super humans, and super heroes.
5. Research for evidence to prove hypothesis correct or incorrect.
6. Make observations.
7. Develop a conclusion based on the evidence obtained.
SPS7. Students will relate transformations and flow of energy within a system.
a.Identify energy transformations within a system (e.g. lighting of a match)
b.Investigate molecular motion as it relates to thermal energy changes in terms of conduction, convection, and radiation.
c.Determine the heat capacity of a substance using mass, specific heat, and temperature.d.Explain flow of energy in phase changes through the use of a phase diagram.

SPS8. Students will determine relationships among force, mass, and motion.
a.Calculate velocity and acceleration.
b. Apply Newton's three laws to everyday situations by explaining the following: Inertia, Relationship between force, mass, and acceleration, Equal and opposite forces.
c.Relate falling objects to gravitational force.
d.Explain the difference in mass and weight.
e.Calculate amounts of work and mechanical advantage using simple machines.
My Superhero and Supervillain
Example Scenario:

Disturbia is walking the 2 miles home from a long day on the job. As she rounds the corner to the last street, a man tries to attack her and attempts to rob her. Disturbia screams at suck a high frequency that only her attacker can hear it, destroying his auditory system and rendering him unconscious in only 5 seconds. The wavelength of her scream is 2 milliliters. What is Disturbia’s frequency?
Superhero: Francis Manson-Monroe (a.k.a. Quick Silver)
Current Job: News Reporter/Aspiring Peot
Superpower: Flash Step (the ability to use bursts of incredible speed at any given time)
Age: 29
Weight :172 lbs (78.0179 kg)
Religious Background: Agnostic
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Weakness: Loss of Friction
Education: PhD in Child Psychology and Technological Sciences
Height: 6 ,3" (190.5 cm)
Place of Birth: Abingdon, England
Know for Best-Selling Novel: London Bridge is Falling Down
Forced to take miscellaneous enhancement drugs by father as a child
Know Relatives: Alice Huntly (adoptive sister), Janna Sparks (ex- fiance), Jet Marcas (adoptive son)
Super Villain: Isabelle Rodriguez (a.k.a. Disturbia)
Power: rejuvenation (ability to instantaneously heal and age selectively)and sonic scream (ability to amplify the abilities of her own voice to absolute extremes)
Job: Broadway Choreographer
Place of Birth: Hiroshima Japan
Known Relatives: Unknown
Education: PhD in General Medicine and Psychology
Height: 5, 6" (167.64 cm)
Weight: 125 lbs. (56.699 kg)
Religious Background: Atheist
Ethnicity: Asian- American
Age: 68
Born minutes before the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan
Speed= wavelength(frequency)
Frequency= Speed/ wavelength
Speed= 5 seconds
Wavelength= 2 milliliters
Frequency=? Hz
Frequency= 5s/2mL
Frequency= 1.5Hz
How these Superheroes Relate to Physics
KE= 1/2mv^2
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