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Problem Management

No description

Chris McGreavy

on 17 October 2016

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Transcript of Problem Management

By Chris McGreavy
Problem Management 101
“The unknown, underlying cause of one or more incidents.”
What is a Problem?
The aim of Incident Management is to restore service as quickly as possible, often using a workaround.
Incidents vs Problems
Re-Active Problem Management is the investigation into the Root Cause of an Incident
Reactive vs Proactive
Higher availability
Increased Productivity
Reduced Expenditure
Less Fire-fighting
Kepner Tregoe
Pain Value Analysis
Pareto Rule
The 5 Why's
Problem Analysis Techniques
Problem Management
Event Management
Incident Management
Service Desk
3rd Party
Roles & Responsibilities
Any Questions?
Value to the Business
Kepner Tregoe

Define the Problem
Describe the Problem
Establish possible causes
Test the most probable cause
Verify the true cause
So, an incident is where an error occurs or something doesn't work the way it's expected to, and is managed by the Service Desk.
A Problem can be

- the occurrence of the same incident many times
- an incident that impacts many users
- the result of event management/diagnostics revealing systems are not operating in the expected way

So - a Problem can exist without anybody immediately noticing!
Pro-Active Problem Management is identifying an issue and resolving it before it causes an incident.
Known Errors
" A fault in a Configuration Item (CI) identified by the successful diagnosis of a Problem and for which a temporary work-around or a permanent solution has been identified."
Some problems can remain as known errors permanently, as the ease of the fix and frequency this is required can often out-weigh the impact and cost of a full fix.

Problem Management aim to find a permanent solution
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