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Newspaper for giver project. AM (Joe Tate)

No description

Joseph Tate

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Newspaper for giver project. AM (Joe Tate)

One year old Gabriel has reported missing. The baby was scheduled for release the next day, but disappeared.
Ch. 7-18 /19-20
In such a time of misfortune, we must stand together. -The Giver
Newchild missing!
Receiver has been caused anguish!
A Careful Young Boy
Jonas was always a careful person, checking twice to check where he was going. The community truly was shocked when they discovered he had died from falling in a river he so often rode by. We caught up with Jonas' Mother to ask questions about his last known whereabouts. "He left without warning. I assumed he would be alright, but to hear that he died makes me feel sad," she said.
Sunday, December 19th
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Town morns over the loss of the new Receiver
The new receiver's Disappearance
Ch. 21-23
The Disappearance
The Receiver Dead!?!?
With the Ceremonies coming so close, the town was shocked to hear Jonas, the new Receiver of Memory, has disappeared. No witnesses were reported of the incident, for he was gone by morning. Officials say there are no current suspects on the case, however one year old Gabriel has also been reported missing the same night. Search planes continue to look, but have not found either of the lost boys.
When Jonas was selected, he was greatly honored. The Receiver of Memory was a rare selection.
"He was nervous, I could tell," said the Chief Elder. "I just hope he is the right man for the job. He had all the skills required for the selection, and the rest of the Elders do not doubt him."
With almost a year of work, Jonas began to get uneasy with the community, saying they do not understand anything. "He tried a couple of times to say things to me, and all the time they were just so confusing and I didn't understand what he was saying," said Asher, Jonas' friend. Reports have also gone out that he has spent more time with the Giver.
Ch. 1-6
The day Jonas' disappeared, the community was truly sad they had lost yet another Receiver of Memory. "I was sad when he left," said The Giver. "I also am aware of the disappearance of one year old Gabriel. Jonas is a caring young boy, I know from experience. If the two are somewhere together, I am sure Jonas will take the best care he can with the new child." Search planes have been looking for the two, but have not had much luck for days.
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