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a book report by Maslyn Allen

maslyn allen

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Allegiant

A book report by Maslyn Allen
Summary: Beginning
Summary: Middle
Summary: End
Tris Prior is shocked at the video that Tobias Eaton released to all of the citizens at the end of the second book, Insurgent. In the video is the truth about the the faction system, and it also states that the Divergent are needed outside the fence. Evelyn Johnson, factionless leader and Tobias's mother becomes the new leader, because Jeannie Matthews, the former leader was killed. Evelyn forces all of the citizens to live like the factionless. Tris is kidnapped by a rebel group named Alegiant, they want her to join them and get outside the borders of the city and go back to the old way they were living and learn the truth about the factions. On Tris's way to the Allegiant meeting she is informed that her brother Caleb has been sentenced as a traitor and is to be executed in 2 weeks. The Allegiant tell Tris that they are planning to send a group outside the city to figure out the truth about their existence and the factions. Tris agrees on one condition; which is that Caleb comes along.
Once Tris, Tobias,Caleb, Christina, Cara, Uriah, and Peter escape the city, they drive around for a while before running into Zoe and Amar. Amar was Tobias's instructor when he was an initiate at Dauntless. He had supposedly been killed for being Divergent. Zoe and Amar take the group to the Bureau of Genetic Welfare. Here they learn the truth about their past and the factions. Several generations ago the United States of America thought that all their society's problems stemmed from bad genes. Attempting to make their society better they "corrected" peoples' genes, only to result in disastrous outcomes. To fix their mistake the government set up "experiments" with the factions that they came from being one of them. Their intention was to raise enough genetically pure people. The genetically pure are also known as Divergent.
Tris and Tobias get tested to see if they are truly Divergent. They find out that Tris is Divergent, but while Tobias does show some Divergent traits, his genes are not pure. Since Tris is genetically pure, she is offered a job with the Bureau. She takes it and is informed of the events happening in the city. She learns that the Allegiant are planning to start a war against Evelyn and the factionless. The leader of the Bureau, David, is the one who created the factions, and he doesn't want his life work to go down the drain. So he decides that he is going to give everyone in the city memory serum, so that they won't remember the violence. Tris does not like that idea so she tells Tobias about it and together they form a plan about how they are going to steal the memory serum from David's lab, and use it on the people in the Bureau so that they forget all about this "genetic damage" stuff. The only problem is that the lab is guarded with death serum, making this a suicide mission. Caleb volunteers asking Tris that if he does this, will she forgive him for everything he's done. She tells him yes. All the others decide that the night when the Bureau is going to release the serum, they're going to go into the city and protect their loved ones from the serum. When Caleb and Tris go to retrieve the serum, they run into some Bureau guards, Tris then decides to do the mission herself, in hopes of possibly getting past the death serum with her resistance to serums. Tris destroys the entrance to the Lab and survives the death serum. When she is just about to release the memory serum, David shoots her in the neck. She does happen to release the serum, though, Tris dies.
It has been two years since Tris's death. There are no more factions, but they still live in the city. One day Tobias decides to go zip lining, on Tris's behalf. He knows that she would've wanted him to overcome his fear of heights. When it's his turn, he has the urn full of Tris's ashes. He sprinkles them out all over the city. He and Christina get over Tris's death together and become really good friends.
My Theme is... Revolution
I think my theme is Revolution because the book is basically about the citizens trying to revolutionize their city and get rid of the factions.
Proof of Theme
The first piece of proof from the book that my theme is Revolution, is when Tris joins the rebel group, Allegiant, this shows revolution because the group wants to show that everyone doesn't have to be in just one faction, that you can have all of the different characteristics.
Proof of Theme
My second piece of proof is when Evelyn is trying to persuade all of the citizens to come together, and all live the same way. She is trying to get them to live like the factionless, although some people do not want to live that way.
Proof of Theme
My last piece of proof is when the Allegiant group wants to make the Bureau forget about all of the genetic damage and just come together and accept everything about one another and live without factions.
I liked this book because it was fast paced, and kept you in suspense almost the whole time. It was a longer book so it didn't feel like it was rushed. I despise the fact the Veronica Roth (the author) kills Tris. But overall it was a really great book/series. Others should read it because I think that if you've read the other two books before this one then you probably will want to read this book anyway.
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