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Communist Revolution, Pd. 8/9

No description

Blaine McClay

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Communist Revolution, Pd. 8/9

Communist Revolution War broke out in 1927. It was between the communist CPC and the nationalist KMT. By 1950, the communists had control of mainland China. WAR! The nationalists were forced into Taiwan.
The fighting then stopped.
POLICIES In 1958, The Great Leap Forward began. It was an attempt to increase agriculture and industrial production. However, it failed due to floods, bad harvests and the departure of the Soviet technical experts. In 1954, a constitution was ratified. It spelled out all the rights and guarantees for chinese citizens. However, if someone did not agree with the government, their rights were restricted. By Blaine McClay Rights The government controls all aspects of life. All Chinese workers were under state control. Citizens had to have permission for things like marriage, entering the army, or changing occupation. Those against the government lost many rights. This is seen with the massacre at Tiananmen Square and the destruction of Democracy Wall. Much of their lives are dictated by the government. This means much of their culture and way of life is taught to them by the government. Without the revolution, China would be very different. One possibility is that China could have been capitalist. This would mean that China would have not been isolated from the world following the revolution. This would also mean that their way of life would be completely different than today. For instance, the Great Leap Forward may not have happened, or much of the censorship today would not be going on. Significance The Communist Revolution is very important to Chinese culture.
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