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keri monteleone

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Hebe

Goddess of Youth

Who is Hebe?
Hebe was a goddess, she was the goddess of youth. Also, she was the cup bearer for the gods. She is the keeper of the Fountain of Youth. Hebe and Hercules got married when Hercules came to Mount Olympus.
What were her symbols?
Hebe's symbol is the cup, because she was the other god's and goddess' cup bearer. She is often seen with a vine jug, which is filled with nectar. Also, the Fountain of Youth is her symbol.
She married Hercules, who was her half-brother. They had two sons named Alexiaris and Anicetus, Hercules got to be young forever and he also obtained immortality. Hebe's mother, Hera, didn't approve of Hercules and was fighting against him.
Who did she marry and who were her children?
How was she born, and who was her parents.
Hebe was the daughter of Zeus and Hera. Although, there is a myth that says Hebe was born from lettuce, saying Hera got pregnant when eating with the god, Apollo.
Why did Hebe and Hercules get married?
Hebe and Hercules got married after Zeus had made Hercules a god. He made him a god because he felt bad for him. Once he was a god, Zeus ordered for him and Hebe to get married to make peace with Hera.
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Where did Hebe live?
Hebe, along with the other gods and goddesses, lived at Mount Olympus. This, also, is where she served all the gods and goddesses.
When was she fired from her duties?
She was serving nectar to the others when she slipped and fell, exposing her body. After seeing this, the gods and goddesses began to question her manners and thought she was unfit for this job. Ganymede took her spot. She remained at Mt. Olympus though.
Because she was the goddess of youth and the keeper of the fountain of youth, she was young forever. She could make others young for as long as she wanted. She made Hercules young forever.
What could she do?
What did she wear and look like?
She was a young and youthful woman, she usually wore a gold wreath around her head, a sleeve-less dress and gold sandals. Hebe is sometimes seen with a pair of wings on her back. She is considered the most beautiful of all the goddesses.
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Hebe was also known as the goddess of brides.
She was the wedding companion of Hera, the Kharites (Graces) and Harmonia.
Her name means "youth" or "prime of life"
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