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Poseidon by Joelle Glennon

No description

Jaci Howard

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Poseidon by Joelle Glennon

GREEK GOD OF THE SEA Moody and Violent He rose the Island Delos. Poseidon wanted to rule the land. The Trial when he struck the sea,waves rose mountain high. Delos was newly created,
for it was still floating. Attica was under the protection of Poseidon's Niece, Athene. P O S I D O N wrecked ships and drowned people on land. when he struck the Earth with his trident, the Earth shook and opened. Nothing grew on Delos but a palm tree. Poseidon wanted to rule the country Attica. Poseidon claimed Attica by driving his trident through the flat,rocky surface of Aropolis. Poseidon Attacted his Own Niece Athene established her own claim by planting an olive tree next to the spot Poseidon drove his trident. Zeus held a trial for Posidon . Posidon now only lives in the sea.
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