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2014- Overview

No description

Dr Sunil Mishra

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of 2014- Overview

"Good things comes in pairs"
& Scientific Powerhouse
My Introduction
Sunil Mishra
YAZ Family & Mirena
Joined Bayer- April 2011
The "Start"
Nominated to co-lead the Medical Booth activity at the WH-AP symposium by region
Huge opportunity
Brainstorming among colleagues to present most relevant and significant scientific data

The "Preparation"
Streamlining ideas and suggestions as per global objectives and compliance policies of host country
Decision made to prepare 4 posters:
INAS-OC data
Dienogest (Visanne)
Diane 35- EU Referral

My Experience
WHC- Symposium
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
My Introduction
The "Start"
The "Preparation"
Symposium events
Good things comes in pairs
My "Learnings"
Diane 35- EU Referral
The symposium witnessed 3 significant sessions on:
Endometriosis- Prof. Petraglia/Prof. Fraser
Menstrual Disorders- Prof. Fraser/ Dr. Mansour/ Dr. Tan
Contraception- Prof. Tayyab/ Prof. Bitzer/ Dr. Read
These sessions addressed the basic pathology, the unmet need and the way forward in management and increasing awareness
Workshop Sessions:
I had the privilege to assist Dr Delfin Tan – "
Guiding patients to select the most appropriate contraceptive method"
This session witnessed inputs and suggestions on topics like:
Factors influencing contraceptive choices
Misconceptions for Contraceptions- LNG IUS
Barriers to Contraceptions
Venous Thrombo Embolism
Medico-Marketing sessions
MA Closed group interaction and experience sharing sessions
Best practices,
Contraception counseling and
Better clinical data presenting.
My "Learnings"
Own the project to deliver your best
Sound collaboration with cross country colleagues
Be proactive to discuss, share new ideas and learn
Sound TL rapport building is the essence of MSL functioning

Challenges anticipated:
Understanding project completely
Understanding local compliance and regulatory policies
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