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Plant Reproduction

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Clases Aula24LMS

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Plant Reproduction

Plant Reproduction
to this online lesson!
I'm Ana Isabel Hernández
I live in Monterrey,
Nuevo León
I'm an English teacher for
To analyze how different plants reproduce.
To understand the pollination and fertilization processes.
All organisms have the ability to reproduce.
Plants need sunshine, water, and air to grow.
Plants reproduce either through seeds or spores or by using a part of the plant to make a new identical plant.
* Sexual Reproduction
Seeds fall off from plants and grow into new plants.
Seeds produced by flowers.
Conifers form their seeds inside cones.
* Asexual Reproduction
Plants can also reproduce without sexual reproduction (or seeds).
In some species, stems arch over and take root at their tips, forming new plants.
Stolons, or ‘runners’ are horizontally growing stems that produce few, if any, leaves.
They have the function of storing food.

Buds on the tubers will grow into new plants.
Some plants use their roots for asexual reproduction.

Some trees send up new stems from their roots.
* Flower Parts
Flowers have both male and female parts that make reproduction possible.
Other important parts of a flower.
Pollination is when pollen moves from the stamen to a pistil.
* Pollination and Fertilization
When pollination occurs, the pollen starts growing a thin tube down the pistil to the ovary.
* Fertilization
The sperm from the pollen moves down and reaches the ovules so it can fertilize an egg.
Plants provide food for people and animals.
They also make the oxygen that other living things breathe.
Analyze the sentences and match them to the words in the other column.
1. Plants need these elements to grow.

2. This is how plants reproduce.

3. Ferns reproduce using…

4. The main function of petals and sepals is to…

5. Fine, powdery, golden dust

6. They fall from trees or plants so that new plants can grow.

7. Stolons are also called…

8. It occurs when pollen moves from the stamen to a pistil
( ) protect the inside parts of the flower

( ) sunshine, water, soil

( ) pollen

( ) runners

( ) sexual and asexual reproduction

( ) seeds

( ) pollination

( ) spores
As you can see, plants reproduce in different ways.
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