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Crises of Representation in Anthropology

No description

Amanda Sutton

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Crises of Representation in Anthropology

What is this 'crisis'?
Feminism and Linguistics
Susan Gal
James Clifford
The Crisis of Representation in Anthropology: Culture, Hybridity, Identity, and Displacement
Is it beneficial to try to revitalize
Crisis of Representation "arises from uncertainty about adequate means of describing social reality" (Marcus & Fischer 1986)
Contemporary interpretations of Marxist thought in theoretical frameworks
Increase in consideration of globalization and economics in anthropology
Ethnography as a foundational element
Stanford University?/UCSC
Writing Culture: The Poetics and Politics of Ethnography
(With Marcus)
The Predicament of Culture: Twentieth Century Ethnography, Literature, and Art
On the Edges of Anthropology
Ethnographical Developments
Do you agree that ethnography is a genre of literature? What about the assertion of ethnography as a new form of fiction?
George Marcus
UC Irvine
Works Cited
Clifford, J. "Short CV" http://people.ucsc.edu/~jcliff/ contents.html
"Multi-Sited Ethnography"
Critical Anthropology Now
Ethnography through Thick and Thin
Anthropology as Cultural Critique
"George Marcus." UC Irvine Department of Anthropology. http://www.anthropology.uci.edu/anthr_bios/gmarcus
"History of Consciousness"
Ethnography and "History of Consciousness"
Writing Culture
Harding and Haraway
rhetorical practice vs. feminist empiricism
deconstructing polemics
"GSE&IS People: Sandra Harding." UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies. http://gseis.ucla.edu/people/sharding
"Directory: Donna Haraway" UCSC History of Consciousness. http://histcon.ucsc.edu/faculty/singleton.php?&singleton=true&cruz_id=haraway
University of Chicago
Linguistic nationalism, language and gender, rhetorical and symbolic aspects of political transformation
"Susan Gal: About." Department of Anthropology, University of Chicago. http://anthropology.uchicago.edu/people/faculty_member/susan_gal/
2008 "Perspective and the Politics of Representation"
How might Gal's views be based on those of Pierre Bourdieu?
2000 "The Politics of Gender After Socialism: A Comparative Historical Essay"
Globalization and Anthropology
Arjun Appadurai
NYU Steinhardt
"Faculty: Arjun Appadurai." http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/faculty_bios/view/Arjun_Appadurai
Modernity of nation states and globalization
Modernity At Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization
Globalization and Anthropology
Akhil Gupta
Ethnography of information technology, the state and development, space and place, applied anthropology
"Akhil Gupta." UCLA Anthropology. http://www.anthro.ucla.edu/people/faculty?lid=4313
James Ferguson
Southern Africa, politics of development, topographies of development and wealth, constructions of space and place
Crisis of Representation in Archaeology
"Ferguson, James." Department of Anthropology. https://www.stanford.edu/dept/anthropology/cgi-bin/web/?q=node/97
Collaborative Indigenous Archaeology (CIA)
Stephen Silliman
UMass Boston
Sonya Atalay
UMass Amherst
K. Anne Pyburn
Indiana University
George Nicholas
Simon Frasier
How do we use, and how are we affected by, Appadurai's concepts of "-scapes" both in
"old" research programs
synthesize Marxist approaches,
and merge studies of language in
anthropology with concerns of
social theory? What are the "merits" and the "problems" in these efforts?
research and personal life? How
do these "-scapes" overlap with
one another?
Erickson, P. A., and Liam D. Murphy. 2013.
Readings for a History of Anthropological Theory
. University of Toronto Press.
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