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Colons vs Semicolons

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Brodie Menard

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Colons vs Semicolons

Grammar Crammer Rules for using Colons SemiColons Colons Uses of a Colon A Colon looks like a period on top of another : A Colon says that you have introduced what will follow Today I saw a bus drive by. It was squeaky clean. A semicolon is used to join two related independent clauses instead of a conjunction My favourite places in the world are my house, the best place to hang out; Paris, because it smells like fromage; and the Easter Island, with all of it's big ancient busts. A semicolon can be used to list things (locations, names, and dates) while also being able to give a description to each individual list item. vs It gets rid of the pause (breath) that would come with a period Today I saw a bus drive by; it was squeaky clean. Joining Sentences By Brodie and Chase Making Lists The first letter after the semicolon is lower case except if it is a proper noun. Proper nouns are nouns that are the name of a specific person, place, or thing. Example Good Better Joining Sentences I really love eating ice cream; however, I prefer cheese to anything. A transitional word or phrase can be used after a semicolon to connect the clauses Transitional Words Conjunctions A conjunction can be used directly after the semicolon if there is a comma in the first clause If it is able to, the beaver will go to the show; and if it is not able to, the beaver will put on its own show. EX-Kids only know one question: "why?" QUIZ True or False? 1. A semicolon can be used to join
two independent clauses 2. The first letter after the semicolon is
always capitalized 3. A colon is used to separate an
introduction to a list and the list
itself True or False 4. Putting a semicolon in place of a period
gets rid of the breath
that you would take
if there were a period Choose
Yes or No 5. Can you can use more
than one colon in a
sentence? 6. Can a semicolon be
used to list things
while being able to
give descriptions of
them? Choose
Yes or No The Thesaurus_the words you couldn't think of Choose
: or ; Book Title 7. Multiple Choice 8. When can a conjunction be used after a semicolon?
a) anytime
b)when there is a comma in the first clause
c)if there is no comma in the first clause 9. What is used to separate hours
and minutes? ex 12_35
a) semicolon
c)colon Multiple Choice : ; Use a Colon to follow an introduction and to list things
EX- Football requires players to develop multiple skills: running, passing, tackling and blocking A Colon may be placed only after a complete independent clause
X= Meanwhile: we wasted 20 minutes walking around the terminal Don't use a Colon with an introductory phrase like "such as" or "for example". These do the same thing as a Colon so using both is incorrect
X= By the age of 11 most kids have had a childhood disease, for example: measles, chicken pox or mumps Don't use a Colon between a preposition and it's object
X=The bus tour includes stops in: Victoria, Nanaimo and Kamloops Never use more than one Colon in a sentence
X= The new policy is controversial: it has been criticized by both people: Juan and Jesus Other common uses for Colons... Use a Colon to seperate a title and a subtitle
-"The Dictionary: a guide to words" Use
a Colon
to seperate
the hour and
in a time reference- 10:34 Use a Colon to
seperate the chapter
and the verse in a
biblical reference- John 3:16 What separates the two clauses?
10. Juan checked the temperature_it was -2 degrees.
a) semicolon ;
b)comma ,
c)colon :
d)period . How to tell the difference
One way to remember when to use a semicolon or a colon is to check if both clauses in the sentence are equal.

" It was a very cold night; Chase wondered if he should bring a jacket."
Each Clause is equal and could be its own sentence, also the clauses are closely related so a semicolon can be used.

"The dog looked at the cat: it was black"
You could use a Colon here because it introduces and defines the cat. Quiz Time Brodie and Chase
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