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My Career

No description

Natalie Pseudonym

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of My Career

Malia Batungbacal

Step 1
First, I must go to a microbiology class. This
will help me become experienced in this subject.
It will take a lot of courses but it is worth it. these classes introduce the concept in bioinformatics, virology, and immunology. to get a career in
microbiology, I must get a complete bachelor's
degree program microbiology.
What is Microbiology?

You are probably wondering, what is microbiology? It is an important job that sometimes takes place in finding cures. So you basically study microbes and experiment with them to see what it does. Now, many microbiologist are studying a cure for the well
known and unfortunate disease called cancer. Others want to cure smaller viruses such as the common cold.
My Lovely Salary
Hey talk about money$!! How much am I making? The answer: about average. $50,500 is an average microbiology salary. So now you know and don't bug me about it because it's rude to ask. :)
Ka-ching! Talk about money$$$! What do Microbiologist make? Well, I'll tell you. An
average per month
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