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Application of Biochemistry in life

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Lamis Ramadan

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Application of Biochemistry in life

Application of Biochemistry in life
Application of biochemistry in life
Uses organic compounds starts with the beginning of the day. In the morning, gargle with water and toothpaste is used in ethanol solutions gurgling, toothpaste because of its superior ability to kill microbes. It's also used in perfumes and cosmetics beautiful smelled. Then all turning on the gas stove (gas is methane and is one of the alkanes family). To cook and prepare breakfast Morning vegetable oils (organic compound). Basically, all organic food (with the exception of salt, spices, etc). But there are more organic compounds. So after you finished breakfast morning , And start the car, the car is now running on gasoline, which is a mixture of oil and derivatives of organic compounds, including a small percentage of octane, which improves the quality of the fuel. So, we see how all the organic compounds used in our daily lives. If we look around the house or workplace just once, we will find a lot of these vehicles that we use in our daily lives when reading the labels of medicines, pesticides and also inks. There are also a variety of things such as plastics, paints and dyes. The modern world and modern society cannot live without organic compounds.
Intervention of organic chemicals in different functional collections in many everyday human uses and especially that these materials are the primary source of the bodies of living creatures is, therefore, called organic compounds. Among the most important functional groups used in our lives as follows:
The study of biochemistry helps one understand the actual chemical concepts of functioning of various body processes and physiology. Biochemistry is a branch of science which deals with chemical basis of life in plants and animals .That is it is concerned about the internal chemistry of biological systems of animals and plants .Since it is so vast and new phenomenon are discovered every year, it is taught as a separate branch of biology . One can study biochemistry as a part of graduation or post graduation like in medical biochemistry, forensic biochemistry, agriculture biochemistry etc

Biochemistry in general deals with body substance like enzymes, hormones, carbohydrates, amino acids, fats, proteins, DNA, RNA, pigments etc
“Biochemistry seeks to explain life in chemical terms. The basic goal of the science of biochemistry is to determine how the collections of inanimate objects that constitute living organisms interact with each other to maintain and perpetuate life.
Where Is Biochemistry Chemistry Used?
Biochemistry has obvious applications :
 in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine.
 In food science, biochemists determine the chemical composition of foods, research ways to develop abundant and inexpensive sources of nutritious foods.
 develop methods to extract nutrients from waste products.
 and/or invent ways to prolong the shelf life of food products.
 Biochemistry spills over into pharmacology, physiology, microbiology, toxicology, and clinical chemistry. In these areas, a biochemist may investigate the mechanism of a drug action .
 use chemical concepts, procedures, and techniques to study the diagnosis and therapy of disease and the assessment of health.
Alkyl halides:
Dr.Yousef AL-Ebini
Bedoor Mohammed Albaiti 90339 - Lamis Nabrl Ramadan 90408 - Maram Abdullah Abdalsubhan 90238- Raghad Abdualhadi Al Wasabi 90308 - Raghad Adrl Turkistani 90197 - Rawan Abdulmuati Rajoub 90149 - Rawan Hamed Alrowathi 90135

• Alkyl halides intervention in many areas of life, including
Carbon tetrachloride is used CCl4)) in firefighting high density process, where he works on isolating oxygen from the burning material Fantail fire. • As carbon tetrachloride and chloroform is used (CHCl3) organic solvents for some materials.
• Uses of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs in Freon, which pumps in the cooling tubes in air conditioners and refrigerators industry).
Application of biochemistry in life
Application of biochemistry in life
Methanol CH3OH:
methanol combustion produces a huge amount of energy that is used to run a lot of machines.
• Methanol enters the process in some plastics that go into manufacturing leather products industry.
• Sprayed surfaces of aircraft with methanol to prevent the water from freezing on the plane in flight at the same low temperatures elevated areas where methanol dissolves in water is even lower freezing temperature of the solution and prevents freezing water.
Ethanol C2H5OH
Application of biochemistry in life
Application of biochemistry in life
methanol is used in some countries as a fuel for cars.
• Methanol enters in many of the pharmaceutical industry due to the organic solvent being good for some drug material.
• Used in sterilizing solutions oral and dental industry high for its ability to kill microbes.
• Characterized by the smell of methanol Zakia made it suitable for use in perfumes, cosmetics, fine fragrances industry.

Aldehyde and ketone
Aldehyde and ketone organic compounds from the most important thing that distinguishes the presence of the carbonyl group and its many uses in our daily lives:
1) Uses aldehydes:
• Intervention aldehydes in making mirror.
• Formaldehyde is used as a disinfectant to kill bacteria and viruses.
2) Uses ketone:
• Ketone is used to test urine for detect blood sugar.
• The simplest compound of ketone compounds acetone is used in the pharmaceutical industry.
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