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Copy of Suleiman The Magnificent

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Janeen Saunders

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Suleiman The Magnificent

Suleiman the Builder
In Istanbul, Suleiman built magnificent mosques, bridges, and aqueducts.
He oversaw the building of fortresses in the lands he had conquered.
Under Suleiman's reign, the royal architect, Sian, designed hundreds of mosques and palaces.
His most famous building was the Selimiye Mosque.
Arts and Literature
Art flourished when the Ottomans adapted Persian and Arabic poetry styles to influence their work.
Ottoman painters made detailed miniatures and manuscripts influenced by Persian art styles.
Work Cited
Suleiman the
"Law Giver"
In Islamic traditions, the Sharia laws derived from the Qur'an are universally applied across all Islamic states. No Islamic ruler could overturn these laws.
Suleiman gave new laws, called the Kanun, to the Ottoman Empire.
First set of laws dealt with the military and government. Second set of laws dealt with taxation and treatment of commoners.
Suleiman revised the Kanun and it has never been changed since.
Suleiman The Conquerer
In Europe, he conquered Rhodes, large parts of Greece and Austria, and Hungary. He also conquered Iraq.
Suleiman the "Just"
Suleiman is regarded as the perfect Islamic ruler in history.
The reign of Suleiman in the Ottoman Empire and Islamic history is regarded as the period of great justice and harmony.

Suleiman The Magnificent

Suleiman's Legacy
Suleiman codified and institutionalized the classic structure of the Ottoman state and society, making his dominions into one of the greatest world powers.
In this system, the ruling class was responsible for administration and finance, the military, culture, and religion, as well as maintaining the sultan and making sure the system worked.
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