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Mixtures In Our Everyday Life's

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Olivia Sztaba

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Mixtures In Our Everyday Life's

Mixtures In Our Lives
Homogeneous Mixtures
Homogeneous mixtures occur a lot in our everyday life's.

Water it self is a homogeneous mixture.

Here are some examples of homogeneous mixtures :
A cup of coffee
Vinegar is a man made homogeneous mixture
Perfume or Cologne
A lot of beverages are homogeneous mixtures

Blood plasma is an example of a homogeneous mixture. This is a colorless fluid that holds the blood cells in suspension.
Heterogeneous Mixtures
A Heterogeneous mixture is any mixture that is not uniform in composition.

Here are some examples of Heterogeneous mixtures:
A bowl of candy
A bowl of cereal
Mixed peanuts
Smog (smoke + fog)

What You Need
Measuring Cup
Something to mix with
Corn starch
Corn Starch Experiment

The cornstarch and water mixture acts like a solid sometimes and a liquid at other times. This is an example of a suspension - a mixture of two substances.

When you punch the cornstarch, you force the long starch molecules closer together. The impact of this force traps the water between the starch chains to form a semi-rigid structure. When the pressure is released, the cornstarch flows again.

What Mixtures In Our Everyday Lives?
Homogeneous And Heterogeneous Mixtures
My Experiment
What Do Students Want to Know About Mixtures?
A substance made by mixing other substances together.

Soup, for example, is a mixture of different foods such as meat and vegetables, there are mixtures with all kinds of fluids and solids.

And today i will be talking about different mixtures.
What you need to do:
Mix the corn starch and water together in
a container. Mix.
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