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My Visual Resume

No description

EJ Oruche

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of My Visual Resume

and here is what I've done...
My name is EJ Oruche...
Designed & built an electronic prosthesis with my senior design team
Now that you know more about me, the only question is what's next???
Improved and managed the release process with Scale Computing product management team
I provided technical consulting to our clients at Apparatus, Inc.
At Apparatus, I also have been apart of a team creating a IT infrastructure monitoring solution for our clients
Well if you like what you saw, it can be you!!
1 in every 2,000 babies is born with all or part of a limb missing
Bilateral ulnar and radial hypoplasia
Has difficulty writing and using the restroom
Michael is a kindergarten student with ulnar and radial hypoplasia. He needs a device that will utilize his fingers to help continue his development, improve his independence, and extend his reach to give him a greater range of motion.
Formal Problem Statement
Feasibility Criteria
Merit Criteria
(1) Hand System
(2) Wheel
Wheel System
(1,2) Hand System
Rod for Pulleys
(4,5) Cable with Finger Ring
(3,6) Cable Pulleys
Pulley System
(2)Motion to Control Elbow
(3)Motion to Control Hand
Joystick System
(1) Flex Sensors
Electrical System
Merit Analysis
Closed Position
Initial Open Position
Hand Subsystem
New Design
we met with Riley surgeons, Hanger prosthetists, and researched existing solutions...
...based on our extensive research we came up with feasibility and merit criteria...
...then we came up with feasible concepts and picked the best one using decision matrices...
...we modeled and built the design...
..and then we got to see the results!
modeled in Solid Edge
using PIC microcontroller,
coded written and tested in MPLAB IDE
I developed the template
for Scale's current beta program...
...and talked to lots of customers every month to understand why we won or lost them...
...and with that data analyzed and presented the patterns between product features and customers needs to product and executive teams...
...managed the project tasks of the cross-functional release team to ensure timely releases...
...I stayed up to date on the data storage market & performed competitive analyses & keep our team knowledgable...
...worked with supply chain and our manufacturer to monitor and improve process regarding our product builds...
Supply Chain
Bill of Materials
Material Costs
SKU Creation
"Thailand Flooding effected 1/2 of
Seagate & WD harddrive supplies and drove up prices"
I have worked with a diverse set of clients both in size and industry...
...and for each client engagement we begin by familiarizing ourselves with their environment and business needs...
...and then we provide the client with a overview of the product in order to provide more clarity and increase their understanding...
...from there we create solutions to their needs that best leverage the product's features...
... and at the end of the engagement we provide the client with a summary that contains additional recommendations and resources...
Once the client needs where identified and the initial concept was born, the team was brought together in order to leverage our different specialties and client experiences...
... and this team meets regularly to evaluate and analyze the business requirements that have are gathered...
...and each solution is taken, assess for feasibility and then it is assigned an owner and the necessary resources are determined...
... from there, continual project analysis is required on my part in order to address and resolve any technical hurdles that we may come across...
...I also the lead on developing the process for implementing the solution into client environments and I have overseen the installations for some early adopters...
I also have been doing consulting for SquareJive, an event discovery app
Recently, I have been focusing on the application UX can be improved to more closely mimic human discovery of events...
...so I began to interview people to create a user story around event discovery..
...and then we looked at the user story and compared it to how the application currently aggregates and presents events and venues to the user...
...and then we took the gaps we discovered from the comparison and designed paper prototypes that better mapped to the user story..
Project Team
Database Systems
Business Intelligence
Application Management
Infrastructure Monitoring
Client Operations
SharePoint Development
Creating Required Accounts and Opening TCP Ports
Provisioning and creating Virtual Appliance at Client Site
Additional Monitoring
Configuration Tasks
using Salesforce chatter to talk to beta participants
...and then we made a mockup the design and presented it on a staging server so that we could use it for usability testing in order to get customer feedback involved early in the redesign...
Team Foundation Server
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