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MONEYBALL - Talent Metrics: THE Competitive Advantage to Hire, Retain and Develop A Players in your Organization

Oakland A's GM Billy Beane forever changed the way the game is played. He challenged the talent evaluation system.

Carl Nielson

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of MONEYBALL - Talent Metrics: THE Competitive Advantage to Hire, Retain and Develop A Players in your Organization

MONEYBALL Using Talent Metrics
to Hire, Retain and Develop ‘A’ Players for Your Team’ What are your challenges? Limit on headcount/salary budget
Too few resources for the number of projects
Poor candidate pool
Mediocre productivity
Too many errors/mistakes
Cross-Functional team conflict
Political agendas (turf wars)
Lack of goal achievement? Player evaluation starts with Clear agreement on goals and priorities
Installing the best organizational structure
Setting positions
Establishing position's key accountabilities
Defining the talent requirements for each position The challenge is to do more with less and do it faster than you've done it in the past. Barriers to Innovation
Fear of Change
Misinformation abounds
HR Profession
Internal Legal
OFCCP Audit Software Service Providers Measuring the right stuff...
Results observed [almost] immediately! Adoption rate grows organically and exponentially. Total talent management means Recruit - Retain - Grow Questions?
Open Discussion. Billy Beane was
looking for new knowledge, wanted to question everything, go beyond traditional statistics. "Better Indicators"
"Finding Value"
"innovate the Talent Acquisition Method" Assessment Tools
What's your experience? Defining the Talent Demands Competencies
Conceptual Thinking
Customer Focus
Personal Accountability
Problem Solving Ability
Resiliency Self-Management
Continuous Learning
Decision Making
Futuristic Thinking
Interpersonal Skills
Employee Devl/Coaching
Goal Achievement Diplomacy/Tact
Conflict Management
Planning and Organizing
Understanding & Evaluating Others
Written Communication
Presenting Motivational Traits
Rewarded for playing
the ROI game
the knowledge/research game
the helping others to succeed game
the org'l structure, policies and procedures game
the political control game
the creative/harmonizing game Behavioral Traits
Frequent Interaction with Others
People Oriented
Customer Relations
Frequent Change
Follow up and Follow Through
Following Policy
Analysis of Data Dimensional Balance
People, Tasks, Systems
Self Assessments should be a key tool to the total talent management strategy Oakland A's methods adopted by the Boston Red Socks Boston Red Socks
"Longest championship drought in baseball history (1918 - 2004)"
World Series Champions in 2004 and 2007
"Since 2003, Red Sox have been "perennial playoff contenders"
One of the most successful MLB teams in the last decade
Every home game since May 2003 has been sold out Measuring the Talent Gap
for hiring
for development
for succession planning
for growth Talent Profile
Coaching Report
Role-Centric Skill Reports
Customer Service
Sales Management
Healthcare Provider To Recap
Benchmark the Job
Assess the Talent
Manage the Talent
Develop the Talent Case Studies
Medtronic Surgical Technologies
Jeitosa Group International
Texas Health Resources
Cendant Corp
Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchises
One Hour Air franchises
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