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Griffin Centre

Civics Project: Justine, Jenane, Lucy, Anqi

Justine Chang

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Griffin Centre

: (416) 222-1153
: (416) 222-1321
: 24 Silverview Drive, North York, ON
: contact@griffin-centre.org
: griffin-centre.org
: facebook.com/griffin-centre.org The 'What' : The 'How' Griffin Centre Reaches out for you! The Griffin Centre has numerous programs and
Community/Family Support System (CFSS)
helps youth who have mental health challenges
provides counseling-individual and group
educational workshops
Day/School Support Services (DSSS)
Residential Support Services (RSS)
helps youth with a developmental disability or have a dual diagnosis
provides care, support, consultation and training
Transitional Support Services (TSS)
various drop-in programs for LGBTQ youth and adults
ReachOUT Newcomer Network
services for youth
helps youth find services or helps with the process-eg. fill out forms
provides services in various languages Presenters: Justine, Jenane, Lucy, Anqi Charity #:10752 8879 RR0001 (those in Need!) Missions/Aims: Services/Programs Provided: The 'Why' : Historical Background: Impact on Society: Funding: Spending: Staffing and Volunteer: Successful Example: Name:

Story: Contact Griffin: Volunteer @ Griffin!
Donate Now! To serve children, youth and adults with mental health challenges, who have concerns within the community. 2500 people are helped and 1000 people directly benefit from Griffin each year This charity was founded in 1975, originally to fill a gap in mental health services for youth in North York. At first, it only treated people diagnosed with mental illness, and only those whose families could not support them. The charity was originally called the J.D Griffin Adolescent Center in 1983 in honor of Dr. Jack D. Griffin. George Everybody Counts Now 59 years old
Had been in Griffin for 2 years
Has developmental delay and diagnosed
Went to RSS (a Griffin program with a 24 hr residential care)
Now "transitions successfully" into increased independence in the community Griffin Centre is funded:
76% from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and the Ministry of Community and Social Services
10% from the Ministry of Health Partnership
8% from service agreements
6% from donations, innovations, grants Staffing
Purchase of services
Client needs
Office and administration
Fund raising expenses Staffing costs $9,350,710 (from 2011) Volunteer opportunities are available:
•assisting in the delivery of group programs
•fund raising
•providing general administrative support
•committee work and special event support Issues that are Handled: Peer, family or other conflicts
School or community problems
Drug or alcohol abuse
Sexual abuse
Developmental disabilities
Trouble with the law The charity helps over 2,000 people per year
Improved the lives of several mentally disabled individuals Approach: 180+ Staffs within Griffin right now! An innovator and provider of strong solutions to meet the needs of these people
Shown through the variety of services offered by the charity in order to specialize their care FACTS:
Griffin holds two special fund raising event annually - "Aqua, a symphony of Music" and "A Splash of White" to help the individuals and families they serve. Local to North York Accomplishments: Promoter of independence, dignity, integration and equal opportunity through easy accessibility of the charity's services Accessibility: Value working with others to share knowledge and solve problems Collaboration: Philosophies This Grant Will Help Them: purchase supplies and resources for programs
allow youth to go on education outings
build meal programs
improve current programs Griffin Centre is an accredited, non-profit, charitable, multi-service, mental health agency providing flexible and accessible services to youth, adults and their families A Quote From Griffin "… It encourages us to re-examine our own unique
selves as individuals and professionals, and helps us to
work towards becoming more relevant to the rich and changing dynamics of the communities we serve." EXCESS OF REVENUE OVER EXPENDITURES :$343,082 from 2011
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