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Multiculturalism 4 Project Based Learning

No description

Thomas Vulsma

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Multiculturalism 4 Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning
video introduction
Learning like in the real world
Planning 1
Choose a topic
Most common methods
Choose the one that fits your resources and hypothesis
Project Based Learning
Why a project?
How do I plan?
Successful project
You have a group
You know each other
Now you need to learn together
... But you decide what you learn
... You do the learning
What do I learn today?
Introduction to Project Based Learning (PBL)
You discuss topics and content
You present your ideas
You submit proposal
You start carrying out your project
Aims of Project Based Learning
Use knowledge & skills & experience to learn independently and use information sources
Motivated to learn in atmosphere of inquiry
Make decisions on topics of interest
Expression and creative ideas
What does the result look like?
Students create knowedge by solving a problem or investigating a topic
Lecturer offers advice
Students present findings in presentation and report

discuss in group
link to class
create web or mind map
Planning 2
Set goals
What are the reasons for chosing this topic?
When is the project successful?
Can you do it?
Write down your needs for the project.
Discuss with others to verify.
Create Hypotheses
What do you expect?
Discuss possible answers/outcomes
Write down the most likely outcome
Method of study
Search for different methods
Choose the method whihc fits your topic/hypothesis
Plan the steps and time needed
Create description of your study
Carry out your project
Planning 3
Planning 4
Follow your planned steps
Record data at each step
consult with lecturer to verify
Summarize results
Report and presentation
Choose report / presentation format
Create report / presentation
Print and submit (hard & soft copy)
Present study process and study results
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