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Classroom Guidelines - 8th grade science

norms and procedures for science class

joshua jetton

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Classroom Guidelines - 8th grade science

Be on time
Class Rules
Do Whats right
Scientific Method
Science & Measurement,
Science Tools,
Properties of Matter
Change in Matter
Force & Motion
Energy (work/heat, electricity, light)
Changing Earth & Astronomy
Come in find your seat
Beginning of Class
- Stop outside convos
Start Bell work
Pull out Homework
Fill out planners with today's agenda
This is a time to take roll call & make announcements
End of Class
Complete Exit slip
Clean your area
Record Homework in planner
Stay seated - RELEASED by the Bell
Push in Chair
Be in the room when the bell rings headed towards your seat
3 tardies will equal a write up and a detention. *Starts fresh each quarter.
No talking when I am talking
Don't talk while your classmates are talking
Talk when asked to talk
Show others Respect!
Blue Valley guidelines - 2 days for every day missed
Make up work
Assignments on StudentVue. Calendar. find the agenda posted on Sunday.
Ask a friend
Ask the teacher outside of class
Late Assignments
Assignments due at the beggining of class
Late assignments will receive a 20% penalty
No Names
Will be on the bulletin board
Everything that you write on should have your
First & last name
Date the assignment is handed out
5 subject notebook (Paper)
Writing utensil (pencil & pen)
Red Pen for grading
Work book
*Other supplies will be written on the board outside of the room
Electronic Devices
No Electronic devices (iPod, iPad, phones, etc..)
Pencil Sharpener, Kleenexes, Using anything away from your desk...
Please don't leave your desk when discussion is taking place or instructions are being given
What will be our attention getter?
How should we treat others?
Quiz - 30
Grade Breakdown
Assignments (Homework) - 20%
Test 40%
Final 10%
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