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Personal Project

No description

Alexis Spuhler

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Personal Project

Alexis Spuhler period 4 Family and Friends Interests Music T.V. Shows Activities Swimming Friends My Family Holidays Guitar Sports Art Hobbies I have been playing the guitar for 2 years now
and smells like teen spirit by Nirvana was the first actual song i learned on the guitar 2 years ago currently I'm working on dream on by Aerosmith. I've always wanted to be an artist ever since i was
young. I'm going into art classes next year. I'm not
sure what kind of artist i would like to be when i get
a job but I do want to go to an art collage in california I used to play a lot of sports when i was younger. I used to play softball the longest
but quit because i never had time for it. Then i played volleyball but i didn't really like it so i
quit. After that i played basketball but never for the school. On holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving my
whole family goes to my great grandmas house.
On holidays like Easter or the fourth of July we go
to my grandmas house and we usually light off
fireworks on the fourth of July. I do everything with me friends. My best friends are Devyn jackman Maddy Williams and Austin Arnold Me and my family are very close. We do most things
together. I have a sister in 11th grade here at the high school and another sister in 5th grade at Amherst elementary. My moms name is Christine and My dads name is Christopher. The walking dead is my favorite t.v. show i watch
it every time its on. I also like to watch Duck Dynasty because they're really funny. I like to play Bad mitten and go biking in my spare time
usually in the summer. I have a pool so i swim a lot in the summer. I'm not on the swimming team for the school though. I like to go to the beach and swim when i go on vacation in the summer I like to listen to all kinds of music. Country is one of my favorites but i also like rap and other kinds of music. My current favorite song is i drive your truck by Lee Brice
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