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The Plains Indians

No description

Jenna Wanko

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of The Plains Indians

The plains indians made clothing from buffalo skin and other animals like antelope and deer. The women would add beads and fringes to their buffalo hide.
Tools and Weapons
They used tools like shields, tomahawks, coup stick, pipe tomahawk and arrows.They used the arrows to hunt and for battle. They used the shield to protect themselves and block things like arrows and spears. The coup stick was a long slender stick used to hit people from a distance. it was also a sing of bravery. the tomahawks were used as peace offerings. The pipe tomahawk was use as a pipe you smoke out of and it was used in battle.
They used buffalo hides for their shelter. They used it to make teepees and their teepees where easy to put up and take down because they needed to follow the buffalo.
The plains Indians adapted to their environment because they needed to survive and the tepee shows how well the adapted because it was easy to move, cool in the summer and warm in the summer.
The Plains Indians
The plains indians mainly hunted buffalo because the population of the buffalo was very high. They hunted the buffalo and other animals with bows, arrows, and spears.
The plains indians territory was mostly flat, hot, and dry but in some areas there where rivers. So when
the indians
would move
with the buffalo
the would try
to find a river
to put their
village by.
Religion and Beliefs

The plains Indians had many beliefs about gods and Nature.
Including, a Sun dance, rain dance, even worshiping the moon! Besides these forms or worship there was no true religion of the plains indians.
By: Jenna Wanko, Natalie Tillman, Andy Sporliter, and Phillip Uhrig
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