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4 Things you should never compromise

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Petra Kritzinger

on 30 April 2017

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Transcript of 4 Things you should never compromise

What is Version Control?
Why do I need it if I'm the only developer?
Git / CVS / Subversion

A Start-up environment
Everything needed to be done yesterday already!
1. Version control
3. Constant Client Feedback
Agile vs waterfall
Something is always better than nothing!
2. Test Environment
4 Things you should
never compromise

No, never!
"Code doesn’t exist unless it’s checked into a version control system. Use version control for
everything you do
. Any version control, SVN, Git, even CVS, master it and use it."
Why have a test environment / sandbox?
Limit production bugs
Peace of mind!
Setting up a test environment
Server space
Test data
Test cases
4. Good
programming Practices
Why? Code Maintenance!!
Research best practices in your technology choice
Self documented code
Agile vs Waterfall
Iterative and incremental development
- have a working prototype at the end of each release.
Don't over-design
Version control
- getting started
1. Install Git
2. Install TortoiseGit (optional)
3. Create an account on
4. Create a project on gitlab
5. Follow the command line
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