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Social Innovation

No description

Sadhvi Sehgal

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Social Innovation

Social Innovation How it all started Welcome to The Club Our Journey Financing 5 Year Plan 86' Personal experience in the industry
How we struggled to maintain a work-life balance
Finding a solution to the problem =
The Club Vision To be the number one hangout spot for hospitality professionals by 2014 Mission Our mission is to be a mediator to help hospitality professionals attain a work life balance Environmental Scan
Conducted a survey on work-life balance amongst our class-mates
YES - 57% No - 43%
Sponsorships and support from the industry leaders What we have to offer The Hot Line
Nap cabs
Fitness Center
The Break Room
Discounts and Hook-ups Year 1: -Start up Plan
Year 2: -Hire more staff
-Fitness Classes
Year 3: -Spa & Hair Facilities
-Educational classes
-Hire a regional manager
Year 4: -Build expansion plan
Year 5: -Expansion to Ottawa & Montreal Objective 86' Our objective is to provide hospitality professionals with a number of hook-ups and services to help them attain a better quality of life. Who? What? When? Social Media Platforms - Kickstarter, chipin, whatgives
Industry Leaders - SirCorp, CARA, O&B, Delta
Personal networks & contacts
Canada Small Business Financing Loan (CSBF) Our plan is to raise capital through personal and external financing Within the next 8-10 months Membership Fees Full-time = $150/month
Part-time = $50/month Ou OUR AIM:
300 Full time members x $150/month = $45,000/ month
400 Part time members x $50/month = $20,000/ month Sponsorships through Industry Leaderss $150,000 Social Media Platforms $150,000 Canada Small Business Financing Loan (CSBF) $200,000 The Club Our Plan of Action: 86' Toronto is one of the busiest tourist destinations in Canada
8000 resturants + 35,000 hotel rooms in the City of Toronto
Hospitality sector hires people from all walks of life
Not able to maintain a work life balance due to long hours, labor intensive and low paying job
Industry faces a huge challenge of retaining qualified employees Marketing and Distribution
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