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Corn is Maize:

Vocabulary Practice for Story authored by Aliki

Amy Hawkins

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Corn is Maize:

Corn is Maize:
The Gift of the Indians

Written & Illustrated By:
Meaning: begin to grow

Sentence: After the long rain, many new vegetables began to sprout.
Meaning: things tied together

Sentence: The mailman carried a bundle of letters to be delivered to different houses.
Meaning: leftover pieces

Sentence: After Nicole's grandmother cut out the fabric for the quilt, she piled the scraps in a container.
scraps are leftovers
Meaning: gathered

Sentence: The farmer harvested the corn when it was ready.
Meaning: skillful; masterful

Sentence: Sometimes a doctor can be an expert in the field of medicine.
Meaning: easy to cut or chew

Sentence: The cow could easily chew the tender new grass.
Meaning: came back

Robert returned with his dog after taking it for a short walk.
Meaning: right

Sentence: I made a perfect score on my Science quiz because all of my answers were correct.
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