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Carlie from the pinballs

No description

Laurel Brahm

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Carlie from the pinballs

The Pinball's presents... Carlie! Carlie is one of the main characters in
the book The Pinballs. She loves to watch T.V. and wants to be a nurse. In the book she and the other two main characters Harvey and Thomas J. are orphaned and have to over come some obstacles. Like feeling abandoned , having no control over their lives , and for Harvey wanting some fried chicken. I hope you have enjoyed this prezi thanks for watching! But as the book goes on she and the others realize that they have some control over their lives and they were not completely alone and are loved after all. As they go on in life they come to realize they Character traits that describe Carlie
are bored,sarcastic, and at times helpful. She is at the Masons because her step -father hit her and gave her a concussion. Even though she may seem not to care about others she tries to help them in her own way. One animal that describes Carlie is
a tiger because even though she is
tough she cares for her family
and friends.
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