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6th Grade Debate Lesson

No description

Jordan Nicholas

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of 6th Grade Debate Lesson

A verbal argument with a set framework Elements of a Debate: Roles Within A Debate: Debate Structure: Topics for Debate: Argumentative Topic
A controversial topic, has more than one side
Affirmative & Negative Team
"For" and "Against" and argument
Opening Statement
Question & Rebuttal
Closing Statement
Voting Team A-Opening Statement - 1 Minute
Team B-Opening Statement - 1 Minute
Team B-Topic Presenters - 2 Minutes
Team A-Topic Presenters - 2 Minutes
Team A-Questions for Team B
Team B-Rebuttal - 2 Minutes
Team B-Questions for Team A
Team A-Rebuttal - 2 Minutes
Team A-Closing - 1 Minute
Team B-Closing - 1 Minute
Voting!!! 1. Should schools require a uniform?
2. Should schools ban homework?
3. Should textbooks be replaced by technology? Opening Presenter
State the thesis with a hook
Topic Presenter
Elaborates on the main points with specific evidence
Prepares questions for the opposing team
Rebuttal Presenter
Address the questions from the opposing team
Closing Presenter
Summarize the main points, last chance to persuade the audience EXAMPLE Cats are better pets than dogs Opening- Wouldn't it be nice to never pick up poop again? Cats are better pets than dogs because cats do not have to be let outside to use the bathroom.
Elaboration- On average, dogs have to be let outside to use the bathroom 2-3 times a day, according to AmericanAnimalHospital.com
Question- What about people who are really busy, when would they take it for walks? Would you want to walk a dog everyday in the winter?
Answer questions from opposing team
Closing- In summary, we feel that cats are better pets than dogs because cats are more independent. They last thing I want to do after coming home from school and basketball practice is walking a dog.
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