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Tropical Rainforest

No description

David Kwak

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Tropical Rainforest

The Tropical Rainforest Biome In The Bahamas By: Lauren Kang and David Kwak Where is the Tropical Rainforest and The Bahamas? The Tropical Rainforests are located around the equator (zero degrees latitude), between the Tropic of Cancer (23.5 N latitude) and the Tropic of Capricorn (23.5 S latitude). Tropical forests cover only about 6-7% Bahamas rainforest: 24° 15' 0" N/ 76° 0' 0" W What are its abiotic factors? water sunlight climate weather precipitation What are the native plants and their adaptations to live there? trees do not need thick bark to slow down moisture loss, they have instead a thin smooth one The leaves have adapted to cope with heavy rain. The leaves are very thick, waxy, big and have dry tips to let the rain drain off quickly. Lignum Vitae (Guaiacum Sanctum) also known as ironwood, because the lumber is so dense and packed that it's possible to sink in sea water the Arawak, one of the Native American tribes of the area, learned to make medicine from this tree to treat syphilis Used as medicine such as Syphilis grows very slowly and is considered a threatened plant species. Bahamas Buttercup (Turnera Ulmfolia) very important to island culture as a medicinal plant. a natural mosquito enemy, since the plant leaves are deadly to larvae. a buttercup thrives in the native soils of the Bahamas, which may lack moisture and salt. What are the native animals and their adaptations to live there? Because there are so many creatures living in the rainforest, there is a great deal of competition for food, sunlight, and space. Animals have developed special features in order to survive. Bahamian Boa Constrictors three species and seven sub-species of a colorful family of boa constrictors known as rainbow snakes. stay very narrow but can reach as long as eight feet. have skins that are mottled gray and brown able to live in various islands where there are a lot of reptiles living. Bahama Parrot There is actually only one type of parrot truly native to the Bahamian islands, known as the Bahama parrot. are bright green, with pink to red faces and white heads. Turtles Bahamas is home to a variety of exotic turtles Cat Island sliders are the freshwater turtle commonly found in the area. Cooperation and Competition between animals: Although there is intense competition between animals in a tropical rain forest, there is also an interdependence. When one species goes extinct, it can affect an entire chain of other species and have unpredictable consequences. Activities to do in the Tropical Rainforest Must see Locations: Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve and Garden of the Groves Birding Survival Eco tour's Area's People Must Visit (Point of Interest) Many plants in this area, great for a nature walk Given a guide in order to learn about the plants and there usage in medicine Or just visit to see the variety of plants and birds Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve Garden Of The Groves Great for a nature walk, there are at least over ten thousand plants There aren’t only plants but there are also hundred’s of birds and different animals Including exotic animals for example alligators and iguana’s lying on the ground There is also a restaurant, perfect and giving a mood for a relaxing meal Grassland-Oklahoma Many plants and animals for example the Woodchuck, Flying Squirrel Climate is between the equator so the temperature ranges from -5°C to 20°C Precipitation comes in the late spring and early summer Activities that can be done: Animal watching, Seeing fields of plants, eco tour Temperate Deciduous Forest-Ohio Great for a nature walk, many trees such as oak, hickories, chestnut trees, and sycamores Some of the animals that can be seen are the Box turtle, Eastern Chipmunk, and Yellow Breasted Chat Long day warmth, therefore its brighter than other area’s, however when its winter, the coldness can be above freezing. Great area for growing grapes What is the average precipitation? Weather Annual average precipitation is 1353 mm or 53.3 in What is the average temperature? 24.8 Celsius What are the hours of sunlight during the different seasons? summer: 12-13 hours
winter:10-11 hours
fall: 12 hours Suggest Supplies/gear that tourists should bring to make their trip more enjoyable light/summer clothing

weather gear

Medical supplies

photo equipment

SUNBLOCK Threats To This Biome Fire

Droughts Endangered Species Bahaman Lesser

Funnel-eared Bat

Bahamian Hutia

Minor Red Seal

North Atlantic Right Whale

West Indian Manatee Fear of Climate Change In This Biome Why Is The Rainforest Important Globally? Habitat for insects and animals

Prevention of Soil Erosion

Rain Forest Pharmacy The Tropical Rainforest has a change to get warmer due to global warming. Some of the effects from Global Warming can lead to different weather patterns, change in rainfall patterns. If there is a change in rainfall patterns this can lead to a drought or less water for the crops, chance of increase in dangerous weather, and climate change. However if the climate of the Rainforest was to be raised or increased this can cause a drought. A drought in a rainforest can be a huge impact as droughts can destroy trees, and rainforests are what absorb the carbon dioxide with its photosynthetic network of trees. Also with the trees destroyed the houses of the animals are also destroyed. FIN Education on Plants These manatees are related to the West African Manatee's

And the Steller's Sea cow that were hunted to extinction in 1768

The average adult manatee can weigh up to 1,200 Pounds

These manatee's reproductive rate is very slow going from 1 calfs every 2-5 years Weight over one and a half pounds

These rodents define their territory with their urine

Usually rodents are aggressive when living in a crowded condition but the Bahama Hutia are capable of living with each other

These animals were an important food source for the Indian Inhabitants of the Bahamas a few years ago Bahamas was once home to giant tortoise, now believed to be extinct
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