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FDR's Foreign Policy

A brief overview of FDR's Foreign Policy

James Morrison

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of FDR's Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy
London Economic Conference
Good Neighbor
Recognition of
Reciprocal Trade Agreements
Neutrality Acts
1935, 1936, & 1937
Reaction to
Spanish Civil
War 1936
Cash & Carry 1939
Lend-Lease 1940
Rise of Fascism
Quarantine Speech
Atlantic Charter
August 1941
Winston Churchill
January 1943 (FDR & Churchill)

Invade Italy
Unconditional surrender

November 1943 (Big 3)
Liberate France in Spring of 1944
Soviets would invade Germany and eventually join war vs. Japan
Joseph Stalin
Feb. 1945

Germany to be divided into Occupation Zones
Free elections to be conducted in Eastern European countries(currently under Soviet control)
Soviets to enter war vs. Japan
Soviets would control some islands in the Pacific
Agreed to the creation of a new world peace keeping organization (U.N.)
April 12, 1945
FDR dies
Potsdam Conference
July 1945
Atomic Diplomacy
Victory Europe
May 7th 1945
April 30th 1945
Hitler commits Suicide
August 6th & 9th
1945 Hiroshima
& Nagasaki

April 25, 1945
U.S.-Soviet Troops
meet at Elbe River

The Cold War Begins
Potsdam Declaration
War Crimes Trials to be held vs. Nazis
Munich Pact 1938
Munich Pact Sept1938
1936- Germany marches troops into
Rhineland(area between Germany and France)
March 12th 1938
Germany annexes Austria
Summer of 1938 Hitler demands the
Sudentenland (German speaking area
of Czechoslovakia)
Appeasement- Giving in to the demands of an aggressor
Britain & France on the hot seat!!
What should they do?
Sept. 1 1939
Germany invades Poland
World War II begins
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