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Getting the most out of Yammer

Working with the main feed and groups in Yammer.

Rebecca Jackson

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Getting the most out of Yammer

Rebecca Jackson - Intranet Specialist and Yambassador Yammer What is Yammer? Enterprise microblogging
Like Facebook and Twitter for business
Key features:
Microblogging (updates)
Profiles Why use it? Share information and good news about your work and other interests
See what is happening around the business
Ask questions and have the crowd answer
Great way to connect with colleagues
It's for a many-to-many conversation
Reduce emails Get Yamming Groups are great Groups are like a room inside Yammer
What happens in the group is only shared with group members
Can be open or private Ways to engage in Yammer:
If you want to get something out of it the best way is to put in Your Personal Yammer strategy Set your notifications for updates
Join a group or two
Start by looking and liking
Read the feed
Like posts that you are interested i
Next step is to respond to a post you like
Finally, make your first Yam
Set a goal to post once a week
Schedule a reminder
Keep a list of Yam ideas Successful groups need A clear purpose and/or goals
An administrator (or a few)
Regular content
Active and passive participation Be part of the group Set your group notifications
Check the group regularly for updates
Acknowledge useful content with your likes
Respond to posts and share information
Use topic tags to mark great posts with a relevant keyword or with 'Yammer Win'
Apply your personal Yammer strategy to your groups Getting the most out of the feed and groups Part of your internal comms plan Accessing Yammer There are a number of ways to access Yammer.
Through the web browser
Mobile applications
Desktop application*
remember to remove your signature
if you put a "--" at the end it will cut off the confidentiality message Yammer is a great informal channel, not everything needs a plan
If you have an objective to share information with a large portion of the business, a plan is a great idea
Talk to internal comms about options Administrating a group Check in on the group regularly
Welcome new members
Encourage group engagement
Start topics
Nurture great conversations
Share great conversations with people outside of Yammer
Use topic tags to help with search
Encourage email discussions to move to Yammer Think before you Yam What to Yam? Links to interesting articles or video
Information about a project you are working on
Praise for a team or colleague on great work
That cool photo you took while off-site
Details about an upcoming event

or just say hello and introduce yourself, you might be surprised who responds Business policies are just as relevant in Yammer as they are in the hallways
Code of conduct
Bullying, harassment, diversity
Yammer is subject to FOI (just like email)
Don't post anything confidential or commercially sensitive
Don't Yam in haste! If you aren't sure if it's okay to yam, it probably isn't. Check with someone before posting.
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