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Creativity and Leadership

No description

Soffy Fierro

on 20 July 2017

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Transcript of Creativity and Leadership

Creativity and Leadership
Yachay Tech University
Oscar Fierro
Mr. Kevin Krane
All countries have problems
Economic problems
Who can solve these problems?
Students and teachers
With two main tools...

"Ecuador Needs More Student Creative and Leaders Because Innovation and Leadership Guide Academic Progress"
Why creativity?
Born of "create"
Innate ability
Improve with practice
Ability to adapt the environment
School kills Creativity
Freedom to create
Imagination is the root of creativity
Freedom opens the imagination
Why leadership?
Ability to guide
-Explore new ways
Can leadership be taught?
Three main areas
Do not fear mistakes
Fight for lost causes
Activities to develop leadership
Harvard University
Cooperation between teachers and students
Learn to solve real problems
Can creativity and leadership have negative effects?
According to Francesca Gino:
Freedom affects moral.
Freedom creates dishonesty.
Leadership creates discrimination and exclusion.
All this is false!
Freedom is related to creativity.
Debauchery is related to dishonesty.
Morality depends on each person.
Creativity provides ideas and solutions.
Leadership guides these ideas to reality.
The two tools together can guide the progress of a country like Ecuador.
Bass, B. M. (1987). Leadership and performance Beyond Expectation. New York The
Free Press.

Fullan, M., and A. Hargreaves. (1996). What's Worth Fighting For In Your
School. New York: Teachers College Press.

Gino, F., (2011). Original Thinkers Can be More Dishonest. The Dark Side of Creativity. Harvard University.

Robinson, K., (2015). Creativity is in everything, especially teaching. Recuperado de:
MindShift (http://ww2.kqed.org/mindshift/author/mindshift/) [28/05/2017].

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