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iPad Technology in the Classroom

No description

Heather Secrest

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of iPad Technology in the Classroom

The Research iPads in the Classroom KTIP Leadership Task Presentation All teachers introducing new technology should be concerned about student safety and privacy concerns.

Do your research! Most apps and websites will tell you what they offer in terms of privacy and safety. Technology has become a huge educational phenomena and this can influence teacher effectiveness. This new push for technology use in the classroom has allowed many teachers to find creative uses for common technology. iPads are one outlet for this creativity.This PD is aimed at enhancing student learning by helping teachers to find new ways to engage students. New iPad/iPhone Feature Worried about students not following directions on which app to use?

Guided access can help!

http://www.apple.com/ios/whats-new/#accessibility Students with Disabilities http://edudemic.com/2012/12/iphone-apps-for-students-with-disabilities/ iPads on Smartboards Strategy! Student Safety & Privacy Purpose There is a VGA connector cable that can allow for iPads and iPhones to be connected to a larger screen. This could be valuable for students to see models of what they are expected to do, or for presentation uses. In case you were wondering... I created this presentation using prezi.com
It is a free presentation creation website that allows you to create amazing and dynamic presentations.

These presentations are easy to create as well! Many studies have been conducted into classroom technologies and the results have been positive. One study found "the interactive learning environment resulted in improvements in student performance compared with the traditional instructor centered learning environment" (Enriquez, 2010, p. 83).
Enriquez, A. G. (2010).

Enhancing Student Performance Using Tablet Computers. College Teaching, 58(3), 77-84. doi:10.1080/87567550903263859 Did you know you can connect your iPad or iPhone to your smartboard? This connector is called an "Apple 30-pin to VGA Adapter". It can be bought in the Apple store or from the Apple website.

It can be used with following Apple products:
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
iPod touch (4th generation)
iPad Dock
Universal Dock via the dock connector

The connector allows you to mirror videos and presentations onto a larger compatible display. Link to product on Apple store website:

http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC552ZM/B/apple-vga-adapter?fnode=3a Buyer Beware!

This connector does have many disadvantages that you need to consider before you buy. It has a rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars.

What you need to know:

According to a review from PCMAG.com, there is a list of apps that are supported for use with the connector. The website did their research and found that, "Apple says the VGA adapter works with the following apps: Keynote (when playing a slideshow), Videos, YouTube, Photos (when playing a slideshow of photos), and Safari (when viewing video content from YouTube, Vimeo, FunnyOrDie, and other video sites)".

Another drawback is that the connector only for visual mirroring. If you connect your device to your smartboard, you cannot use the secondary touch interface that your smartboard regularly allows you to do. For example, you can't use your smartboard pen to open a projected app on your device.

A last warning, if you are watching videos, you will have to use a different cable to boost the sound from your iPad or iPhone. This cable does not link sound. Connector in Action! My source for more info on using this cable in the classroom:

http://www.teachthought.com/technology/how-to-connect-an-ipad-to-a-smartboard/ App Alert! Remind 101 is an app that lets you send out alerts to students and parents to keep them informed. You can create multiple class groups. Bonus: It's free!! https://www.remind101.com/ Helpful Hints and Tricks! Not feeling very tech saavy?
This website has instructions on
many of the iPad and iPhone features
available to you. From creating folders
attaching a keyboard to creating backups
for your device-- this website has instructions and easy to follow photo guides.

http://www.techradar.com/news/mobile-computing/tablets/50-really-useful-ipad-tips-and-tricks-688556 One iPad? No Problem! Strategies and Ideas for a Single iPad in the Classroom Randomly drawing names for daily student use
Students "buy" time on iPad with classroom reward points
Set rotation schedule
Use for positive reinforcement to reward hard workers
Small group use

If you forget who has had a turn on the iPad, assign a student to keep track of student iPad use App
Recommendations Kindle Reader Dropbox Dragon Dictation Wunderlist BrainPop Thank you for your time!! Hungry for more? Kathy Schrock's website is an incredible resource on technology.

Bloomin' Apps page: http://www.schrockguide.net/bloomin-apps.html
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