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Types of talent

No description

Erin Lever

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of Types of talent

Types of talent
What is talent?
Talent is said to be exceptional ability. Someone with talent performs at a high level.
Types of Talent
There wre 4 types of talent:
- Unidimensional
-Multi dimensional
- Uni sport
- Multisport
Identifying talent
Why do you think talent identification in sport exists?
Uni dimensional
Uni dimesional talent is when an athlete is particuarly good at one skill. For example, a 100m runner.
Multidimensional talent
Multidimensional talent is where an athlete is talented at a number of different skills. For example, a footballer must be agile, fast, good at passing and dribbling the ball and accurate.
Multisport talent
Multi sport talent is when an athlete is exceptionally talented in more than one sport. For example, Jess Ennis.
Uni sport talent
Uni Sport talent is where an athlete is exceptionally talented in only one sport. Most athletes today are uni sport talented. Why do you think this is?
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