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The Great Hoaxes

April fools day hoaxes through history.

Rachel Porter

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The Great Hoaxes

April Fools Day Hoaxes The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest Sidd Finch This hoax was the frist to air on TV, and was part of a 3 minute news report by Panorama. This hoax was played by Sports illustrated when they published a articule about a rookie baseball player- who was reportably training for the Mets, and could pitch 168 mhp fast balls. Thought up by Charles De'Jaegar it told viewers all about the health of the Sweddish crop of spaghetti due to he absence of the spaghetti weavil from their orchards. And when asked by the public how a spaghetti tree was grown they stated that one simply 'place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce, and hope for the best.' Left Handed Whoppers He also pitched only when wearing one hiking boot and with one of his feet bare. This hoax of 1998 was played by Burger King when they informed the world that they were making a new burger specifically for left-handed people by rotating all ingerdients of the Whooper 180 degrees. Weird enough thousands of people showed up at Burger King's trying to order this new burger, while many others were arguing that they needed a right handed version. Bombs Away This hoax was played way back when during world war 1 when a French pilot dropped something that appeared to be a large bomb in a German camp. They scattered everywhere, but later when they were brave enough to get a closer look the 'bomb' was nthing more than a giant football with 'April Fools' on the side. Updated This hoax was all about Big Ben and keeping the giant clock tower 'up with the times' by converting the giant clock face and hands into a digital screen. People were told that they could make bets for the clock hands. -1980 Paint It White A Danish newspaper told people that all dogs must be painted white to increase the safety of roads at night time by order of the parliment. Hairy Helmets This articule told about how the tall black hats the Irish soldiers that guard Buckingham Palace are required to trim their bear fur hats. The hats reportably still grew fur. Flying Penguins This hoax by the BBC was about a group of penguins that had decided to fly south and spend their winters sunning rather than huddling. Collage Pranks Pail And Shovel The Pail and Shovel Party that was led by Jim Mallon and Leon Varjian for the University of Wisconsin-Madison student leadership- much to everyones surprise, including themselves, they won. This led to a copy of the statue of liberty being built ontop of a nearby lake. The story behind this 2,000 dollar copy was that a helicopter had been moving the statue to the campus-making good on one of their promises which was buying the statue of liberty, and it had dropped the statue into the lake. However it took three days to build, so no believed that story. Collage Pranks Lady Liberty on Lake Medota To celebrate their second term when they got voted into office again they staked 2000 plastic pink flamingoes infront of their famous campus building.
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