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6th Grade Survival Guide-By Molly Luce

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Molly Luce

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of 6th Grade Survival Guide-By Molly Luce

Table of Contents
Dear Future 6th Grader,
Social Studies
Social Studies....................5
Mrs. Robinson....................9
Fun Activities...................13
Life in the Lab..................14
Helpful Hints..................16
The End............................17
Hi! My name is Molly Luce. I am in Mrs. Robinson's
6th grade class, as are you. 6th grade is full of privileges and responsibilities . It is all about finding the perfect balance.If you work hard, be respectful and
participate, you will go far. 6th grade is so much fun, as long as you use common sense (that will come up alot in math class). Remember common sense, respect, participation, and a great work ethic will get you where you need to be by the end of you 6th grade year.
Your Fellow 6th Grader,
Molly Luce
6th grade is so much fun and you will make so many great memories!
The teacher you have for social studies is Ms. Boyle. She is super fun and really creative! So the country thing I told you about, Ms. Boyle makes everybody pick a country out of a bag and you have to do four projects on it. My country was Mozambique, the four projects you do are a current event of your country, the culture of your country, the flora and fauna of your country and an end of the year country project which can be whatever you choose. This year in social studies, its not about American history, but the geography of the world. You will know every single country by the end of this year! We work on everything! We work on Europe, Africa, Russia, South, Southeast and East Asia. The day before we play 10 Days in.........(Europe, Asia, Africa,). We did really fun billboards as well, you might have seen the elephant, bazzar, the quilt and many others.
In science, we have a different unit for each trimester. The first trimester we worked with was living science. Living science included entomology (which is the study of insects) so we disected a grasshopper.We also explored vernal pools by understanding the animals that live there and the certifications a vernal pool must go through to be considered a vernal pool. We created "wanted posters" which we based on every creature that lives in a vernal pool. We did the classifications of an animal and plant which are kingdom, phylum, class, order, genus and species. We got to use the microscopes, and find orginisms in vernal pool water which collected. Did you know that are school is right next to a vernal pool?
The second trimester we work on physical science, when we learn about the periodic table and all the elements! We did fun experiments such as, egg bounce which is when we soak and egg in vingar for a week or two then the egg becomes bouncy like a bouncy ball until it explodes! We also did this realy fun experiment, we drank hot chocolate and left a little, then let it set. After a couple of days, we came back to it and guess what we found? It was completely hard! You could turn the cup over and nothing would spill! Velocity race was one of my favourites! Everyone brought in a slowmoving, liquid and raced it against the other liquids. The slowest liquid or substance won. DON'T BRING IN HONEY, you will lose.
Term three we worked on physics!!!!!!! Physicsis the one unit that invoves mostly play. We created a marble maze, a car, and bridge! We were put in groups for the marble maze and car. The fastest car to go across four meters won and the slowest marble maze won. You got to pick a theme and gosh, we had a blast! The bridges were the last project we did. The experiment was called Build em and Bust em. We built and designed our own bridges, then we attached a bucket to them and which ever bridge could hold the most weight won. I think you will enjoy science this year.
This is Your 6th Grade Survival Guide
In reading, you will do alot independent, along with reading groups (we read The Hobbit, Stowaway, Tripods, and other books); we read books as a class , such as the Library Card, Far From the Bamboo Grove and the Westing Game. During the winter, we have Coca Cafe, when we independently read while Mrs. Robinson makes hot chocolate and brings in doughnuts! Then we get to rub it in the other classes face (no, just kidding)! Do myths, legends, and epics interest you? Well if they do, you are in luck! We read tons of them! In writing, we even get to make our own myths and legends! I hope you like fairy tales, because we do lots of them! We read a ton of Grimm Fairy Tales, and get to create of own based on your country in social studies (which you will learn all about). Over all, reading is super fun in Mrs. Robinson's room!
If you haven't figured it out by now, writing and reading are closely linked. The first writing assignment we do is alphabiobraphy, which is for every letter in your name you write something about yourself. It was sometimes challenging what to write about, but you eventually got it. Every class no matter what grade has a name for independent writing such as "Writers Workshop" and other things. In Mrs. Robinson's class we call it WIKACA, what I know and care about. Personal narritives, informative pieces, and many fun activities like monsterology, which is when we create a monster and write a story about it. Then we get to show them to our 3rd grade buddies! We are the only class with 3rd grade buddies, we get to do tons of fun parties and projects with them. As well as monsterology, as I told you we get to create our own fairy tale and myth! We even get to turn the myths and legends into skits to preform to everyone!If you like writing, you will love this!!!
As you know, we have a new math program called Math in Focus. This year you will be building off of the stuff you learned last year, like how bar models can help you figure out a problem with ratios as an example. For teachers, you will have Ms. Economos and Ms. Burns. Mondays, Tuesdays and half of Wendnesday you will have Ms. Economos and half of Wendnesdays, Thursdays and Fridays you will have Ms. Burns. Math is pretty self explainatory there are no new rules or projects you have to learn.
-Wanted Posters
-Marble Maze
-Build 'em and Bust 'em

Social Studies
-Country projects

-Design a Park
The tests in 6th grade are not scary! Chill, you know this stuff! If you study, participate and pay attention, you will do alright! Ms. Boyle hasn't really accepted the new grading system, so she uses percents. Mrs. Robinson and Ms.Burns/Economos both use the number system. Mrs. Robinson gives you your letter grades as well as the numbers. You better watch out, because if you don't get a B or higher you have to do extra work! That is pretty painful, it be over a weekend!
Mrs. Robinson
Mrs. Robinson is a super sweet and extremely funny teacher! She is very sarcastic and she sometimes picks on people, but it is never mean just funny. She has an arm and legs hanging from the ceiling and she says that he is the kid that forgot to do his homework. Mrs. Robinson is smart, funny, friendly and a great teacher to have. She is also really laid back, so if you forget your homework once or twice, its not the end of the world. But if you constantly forget it you will start a collection of arms and legs (if you know what I mean). I loved Mrs. Robinson, so I know you will love her too.
Homeroom-Mrs. Robinson
Language Arts-Mrs. Robinson
Social Studies-Ms. Boyle
Math-Ms. Economos/Ms. Burns
Science-Mrs. Robinson

Art-Ms. Davis/Ms. Dalton
Gym-Mr. Aho
Music-Mrs. Galardi
Spanish-Senorita Gregg
The homework situation in our team is quite easy. In ELA, you wont have homework unless you haven't finished something in time. In social studies, you read and take notes, finish projects or do research for projects. It may sound like alot, but it's really not. In math youdo a couple of worksheets, a packet or work from the book, which is most common. Science homework consists of reading from the book and taking notes, doing worksheets, getting supplies for experiments and working from the book. It all may sound alot with a busy schedule, but dont worry. You can get it done.
Language Arts- A 1 subject notebook, a flash drive
Social Studies- A 3 ring binder, a 1 subject notebook, a folder
Math-A 3 subject notebook
Science- A 1subject notebook
ALL- pencils, black and blue pens, colored pencils, crayons, an expandable file, a ruler
Fun Activities
-Project Adventure
-Field Day
-6th Grade Graduation
-Winter Holiday Party
-Count Down to Summer
(Sorry, they are not all in order)
Life in the Lab
Working in the science lab is so much fun! You have the big room and so having class is much more comfortable than other classes. We have 5 lab tables, microscopes and more! We have a lot of advantages and disadvantages. We have to clean the room which is pretty hard. We also have to share our room with the other team, that can be frustrating but also fun because we get to move into another classroom for the day!
"Live as though you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever" -Mahatma Gandhi
"Education is the most powerful weapon that could change the world" -Nelson Mandela
"Try not to have a good time...this is supposed to be educational." -Charles M. Schulz
"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says im possible" -Audrey Hepburn
"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself" -John Dewey
"Education is the key to unlock the golden door to freedom." -George Washington Carter
"Only the educated are free" -Epictetus
"Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence." - Robert Frost
Helpful Hints
-Bring a pencil to every class
-Put your name on your water bottle
-Keep track of you homework, and make sure you do it!
-Don't sign your name in the social study books you don't bring home
-Work hard!!!!!
-Always stack your chain and a stool at the end of the day.
-At the end of the day, ask what you could do to help clean up.
The End
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