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david ruacho

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

David and Jean are two 20 year old who have been going out for nine months and are very much in love. they met in Cheddars were they both work part time. David works as a cook and jean as a server. Relationship Scenario by David Ruacho Seeing as to how well things are going with their relationship, David decides to propose, to which jean gladly accepts. They book their wedding for next year on their 2 year anniversary. After hearing about this jeans parents decide to talk to both of them and tell them that what they are intending is too soon for the point that they are in their lives. They keep trying and trying to convince jean that they need to think about it more carefully and that they should reconsider postponing the wedding. As if they didn't have enough doubts to begin with, Jeans parents words stuck into their heads and when they got home they had a huge arguement about whether they really were ready to be getting married. this was their biggest fight ever and it was almost a finisher. But they felt to much for each other and decided to make up. Which led to them ending up in the bedroom. Jean had been taking birth control so during all the excitement they got caught in the moment which caused David to not pull out. Well a week later, Jean, after feeling funny, decides to take a pregnancy test which comes out positive. Afterwards, David and jean talk some more about their current situation and decide that due to their financial situation, they should go and get an abortion. They make this decision based on a variety of reasons but with them both going to school and only working part time, they know it will be too hard and sacrifices will be made. not to mention that jeans parents would not be much help and Davids parents live in another state meaning they cant really support them besides morally and maybe financially in a small way. When they go see their regular doctor he recommends them to a doctor who specializes in these operations. Regular Specialist But before they can even visit the specialist, Jeans friend, Rachel, decides to try and convince her that an abortion is the same as committing murder. David, not feeling comfortable with Rachels arguement, decides to jump in and disagree with Rachel. A week later Jean is offered a promotion. Evening head server position at Cheddars. A position that would make her 3 dollars more an hour. However her responsibilities would also rise. She'd be in charge of about 10 employees and shed have to be in charge of making adequate schedules for all ten of them. Both David and her mom have told her that it is a good idea because she'd be able to be making more than most people her age. But Rachel has been telling her that this isn't the kind of thing she wants in her life. she says that this will only bring more stress into her life that she just doesn't need.
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