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Ethical Pornography

No description

on 10 January 2015

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Transcript of Ethical Pornography

On Set Environment
Factors for a sex-positive set:
· Communication and consent
o Overall very respectful and considerate with the performers and for the directors and producers
· Performer care
o Set in which performers feel they can explore their sexuality and desires and have free reign
· Safer sex
o Have a conversation about safe sex testing, what each person feels comfortable doing – the decision to get tested lies solely with the performer
· Boundaries and respecting performers’ personal space
o Ask performers; “Can I go ahead and move you?”
o Safe places to touch people: shoulder
· Gender and language in directing through pronouns
o As a performer: “this is my name this is the pronoun I would like to be referred to by on set”
o As a producer: ask people their pronouns; if you forget, use only their first name
· Direct communication
o Directors: create an environment where you know who is in charge and what is expected of you to make everyone more assured
Positive Pornography
Openly sharing sexual expression in order to liberate others
Feeling free to experiment sexually
Equally representing the underrepresented
Official consent through meeting with performers and directors and discussing a vision before agreeing to shoot
Being vocal about pronouns on and off set
Enforce choices not ultimatums
Consent should include discussions beforehand
Discussing what each performer is comfortable doing, what they would like to try, what they would like to stay away from, what form of safe sex they would feel comfortable engaging in
Consent should include respecting boundaries
Boundaries of sexual expression
Boundaries of personal space; not touching people without consent
What Feminist Porn Looks Like
Diversity Through The Queer Porn Movement
Strong commitment to diversity within her film production
“Ethical working environments and consent between performers as a mainstay of feminist porn.” (Supporting a quote from Tristan Taomino director of mainstream porn)
Advocate for feminist porn, but is critical of “mainstream” feminist porn
“The Feminist porn movement doesn’t make sure that everyone has a voice”
Dismay that queer porn is not being represented by “mainstream” feminist porn movement
“Queer porn has been largely excluded from the concepts of mainstream representation of feminist porn, because it just doesn’t reach far enough of make enough money or feel attainable. Straight porn reaches more people.”

Consent forms must be signed by all parties prior to filming
Safe words are established
Performers state their limits prior to filming
If consent needs are not met the party responsible will be asked to leave without pay and will be banned from performing for TroubleFilms for at least a year
Performers who consent needs are not met will receive full pay and the filming will be rescheduled
They do not punish for performers protecting their needs
Courtney Trouble
Jiz Lee
Ethical porn, based off of the themes analyzed, can be seen as an act where both performers feel comfortable in their sexualities, safety, health, and mainly
Boundaries and different opinions, for the performers involved, should be respected by the directors and producers.
Positive pornography focuses on the ability to be open about one's sexuality and freedom with experimentation
Feminist pornography isn't always ethical, by not recognizing certain types of pornography, such as queer porn.
Ethical Pornography
By: Alisha Dhanjal, Heather Jerred, Lorel Butalid, Simren Jeerh
Courtney Trouble and Her Background
Courtney Trouble is the founder of Troublefilms, IndiePornRevolution.com, and QueerPorn.Tv.
Troublefilms can be constituted as “ethical, sex-positive” pornography production company
Boasts high-quality, erotic, explicit, sex-positive, embodied pornographic films and websites representing the diversity of desire.
Focuses on the creative involvement of feminist, queer, and otherwise progressive-thinking porn making
Courtney Trouble is seen today as a "Queer Porn Icon"

Who is Jiz Lee?
"Feminist porn" is not always understood to be "porn for women" or "porn by women"
It is porn made with gender equality.
It has never intended to seclude men from their work.
Original idea:
the feminist movement does in fact look to include men, male film stars, and male viewers. The gender division seeks to be at an equal ratio.
The aim behind feminist porn is to get a more open-minded, intimate, and honest view of pornography mixing it with vibrant hardcore pornography and exploring those who perform in the explicit films.

“Being a performer also informs me on being an ethical, respectful, creative, and intuitive director”. - Courtney Trouble
"Feminism isn't a dirty word unless you make it one"
- Courtney Trouble
Jiz Lee is the performer and production assistant for Pink & White Productions.

Has worked in over 200 projects within indie, queer, and mainstream adult genres.

Jiz is the author of The Feminist Porn Book

Jiz is an educator through queer sex workshops

Jiz is fascinated by the radical potential of sex, love, and art, all of which is reflected in her blog: www.jizlee.com
"When I perform in porn, I make decisions within each scene based on risk-based assessment."
- Jiz Lee
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