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Information Literacy Case Study

By Sarah Murray February 23 2011

Sarah Murray

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of Information Literacy Case Study

Scenario Suzie is in Ms. Murray's Grade 12 Biology class and she has been given a research assignment. The assignment is to choose a topic within the area of biotechnology. The research assignment is to be presented in front of the class through the medium of choice, but much be only 10 minutes long. Define
Suzie has decided to choose genetically modified animals and plants as her topic. This is something Suzie has heard alot about in the news, but doesn't know much about Questions:

Will Suzie be able to efficiently present her topic in 10 minutes?
If not, is Suzie's topic too broad or too narrow?
Where should Suzie start her research for this topic? Access Suzie has decided to start her search in google
After putting "genetically modifed +plants +animals" into google she got
over 3 million websites! Suzie has decided that her topic is far too broad for a 10 minute presentation, so she has decided to make it more specific. She chooses "Genetically modifed foods in Canada". This narrows down her search greatly, to 135 000 websites Suzie decides to start with wikipedia, as it seems to have a good summary of what genetically modified foods are She also checks out the following websites Questions
Do all three websites contain information for accurate sources?
Is three websites enough to base a presentation on?
Are there problems with using websites such as wikipedia and about.com?
What is the proper format for citing a website (in APA) Suzie is given some advice from her teacher to help find some more
credible websites. She suggests looking at news articles regarding genetically modified foods in Canada. She finds the following. Questions:
One of the news sources suzie found is a televisioni video clip, can she use this information in her presentation?
Are news articles alone enough sources for her presentation?
What are some other types of websites Suzie could explore? http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/TopStories/20100923/enviro-pig-100925/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetically_modified_food http://www.percyschmeiser.com/ Suzie's classmate reminded her that one of the assignment requirements is that at one of their sources must be something other than a website (e.g. book, article, magazine clipping, etc). She decideds to check out the Oshawa public library's website. http://environment.about.com/od/health/a/Should-Genetically-Modified-Food-Products-Be-Labeled-For-Consumer-Protection.htm http://archives.cbc.ca/economy_business/agriculture/topics/1597/ Evaluate Now that Suzie has a variety of sources, she has to determine which ones will provide her with the best information. Ms. Murray provided the following criteria for determining a website's credibility.


Suzie also found the website below, which provides additional help on evaluating websites


Integrate Communicate The assignment must be presented infront of the class, but the medium used is up to the students. Suzie decided to put together a web page that will included all of her main points, she will present the website to her classmates. She will also provide them with the link, so they can access the information whenever they'd like. Question:

Choose 3 websites that have been presented, and evaluate their credibility using the criteria given above.
Do certain websites seem more/less credible when you look at them? If yes, which ones? Now that Suzie has a wide variety of sources, and she has evaluated their credibility, she now has to decide on how she will present the information. She decides that the following lay out will work best:

What are genetically modifed foods
What foods are most often genetically modified
Genetically modified foods in Canada
The labelling and regulation of Genetically modifed foods in Canada Questions
Do you think the lay out given above is the best way to present this topic? If not, how would you design this presentation?
Are four main points a good amount of information for a 10 minutes presentation? If not, are there too many points or not enough? Questions:
Do you think a webpage is the best medium to use to present this topic? If not, how would you present it?
Other than a power point presentation, what are some other ways to present material to an audience?
Does the topic of a presentation dictate which medium would best present it?
Suzie finds the following websites also very helpful:
(Health Canada) - http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/gmf-agm/index-eng.php
(Government of Canada) - http://dsp-psd.pwgsc.gc.ca/Collection-R/LoPBdP/BP/prb9912-e.htm
(Green Peace) - http://gmoguide.greenpeace.ca/shoppers_guide.pdf
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