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Creative Industry.

No description

Steffie Lee

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Creative Industry.

History of the Wedding Planner
Achievements in my Career field
Creative Industries
I chose Creative Industries as I want to be a wedding planner. Being in Creative Industries will help me expand my creativity and knowledge of what I need to know to boost my business. Being in the industry will allow me to exploit my imagination and actually "go for it" . I chose Creative Industries to make my dream a step closer . I am extremely grateful that Queensland University of Technology offers this course, affording me the opportunity to study abroad with something that I love to do.

Creative Industry Web Page
20 Words Glossary

As years past - after a few years/ generation after generation
Arrange marriage - a marriage planned and agreed by the families/ guardians pf the couple concerned
Boost - help or encourage to increase or improve
creativity - the state or quality of being creative
come to life - ideas being made into real life situations
Dream" wedding - a wedding that one dreams of/ a wedding that one wish/hope to have.
Evolved - develop gradually / as time passes.
Expectations - a strong belief that something will happen / be the case
Expand - Become or make larger or more extensive
Exploit - make full use of and derive benefit from
Grateful - warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness/ benefits
"go for it" - a slang that means that one is doing it, going for what they need or want to do. (Go ahead)
knowledge - the fact/state of knowing or understanding. Knowing the perception of fact and truth.
love birds - a pair of lovers
Offers - provides/ afford/ supply/ give
Resume - a written personal account
Reaches back - going back in time
run wild - according to my topic, it's an idiom that describes the meaning of creating different and various of ideas.
Side Business - Other small businesses the entrepreneur has other than their own main business.
study abroad - the pursuit of educational opportunities and activities in an international setting

Reference List
Blackhorseinnblog. (2014). Black Horse Inn. http://blackhorseinnblog.wordpress.com/
Yourlocalweddingguide. (2013) All you need to plan your wedding. http://www.weddingguide.com.au/
Quain, D. (2014) The history of the Wedding Planner. http://weddingsforaliving.com/the-history-of-the-wedding-planner
Checktorako (2011) Best Wedding Proposal Ever !! (The Americana at Brand, Glendale, CA).
The wedding planning field tend to be extremely innovative in taking their plans to the next level. They would plan the whole wedding abroad and even taking the "next level of planning" - the honeymoon. However, not all companies offer that but only offer the full package of planning the wedding inbound. This may include bookings of the venue, cake, suit and dresses and many more. Wedding planners may also have their side business to help to boost their career as a wedding planner. This means that other than just being a wedding planner, they set-up their own business like designing of wedding dresses, a bakery and many more. A wedding planner can step out of the box and also plan the proposal for the groom.
Evidence of the first wedding planner reaches back to the fifth century in Sparta.
The role of a wedding planner has evolved over the years. In the olden days, parents would hire a wedding planner to arrange for their children to get married with someone with the parents' expectations. Children would be forced to get married and a wedding planner would have to plan the weddings according to what the parents suggested. Slowly, as years passed, wedding planners began to focus on the wedding itself rather than match-making. They would listen to the wants of the couple and do their best to arrange the "Dream" Wedding for the love birds.
Creative Industry.
Steffie Lee

Strong creative sense
Event Planning
Business (intended)
Wedding planning
Side Businesses.
Wedding Dress design
Wedding cakes and cupcakes
Spa therapy
Name : Lee Si Wei, Steffie
Country : Singapore
Born : 4 June 1997
As the years passed, the wedding planning career evolved from being a traditional match-maker while planning traditional weddings to a full time wedding planner which involves knowing various companies for the couple to pick the venues and the decision on a huge range on dresses and cakes etc. Wedding planners have evolved over the years.

The wedding planning field have became famous as couples barely have time and sources to plan their own wedding. Hence, this is where a wedding planner would step in. To plan the wedding prim and proper.
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