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An Introduction to the Baha'i Funds

No description

Fund Development Team

on 7 August 2015

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Transcript of An Introduction to the Baha'i Funds

Q: How do Baha'is contribute? "because the Institutions
which the
Baha'is are gradually building are in the
nature of gifts from Baha'u'llah to the
The Baha'i Holy Writings A: The Fund also goes towards infrastructure:
The building of facilities where people gather to pray and worship
Creation of distance learning programs around the world
The functioning of administrative bodies The Baha'i Holy Writings state,
"Prayer is like the spirit and material means are like the human hand. The spirit operateth through the instrumentality of the hand. Although the one true God is the All-Provider, it is the earth which is the means to supply sustenance." An Introduction to the Baha'i Funds Come explore some unique aspects of the Baha'i Funds, which fuel the efforts of people all over the world who are trying to make the world a better place.

P.S. Click on the arrow on the bottom to keep moving forward through the presentation. Whether you're a new Baha'i, have been one for a long time or are just looking to learn a little about the Baha'i Faith, we think you'll find something here for you. Q: Why is that? Q: Who can give to the Baha'i Funds?
A: Only those who are registered members of the Baha'i community. The Baha'i Houses of Worship, for example, serve as community prayer centers open to all and will gradually have schools, orphanages and geriatric centers, among other community service efforts, associated with them. A: "At the level of the individual believer, attention to the needs of the funds of the [Baha'i] Faith parallels the principles which govern multiple loyalties. The first loyalty of a Baha'i is to the whole of mankind, for the benefit of the part is best achieved through the welfare of the whole. But this widest loyalty does not eliminate the lesser loyalties of love for one’s country, for the area in which one lives, or for one’s family. They all constitute a network of interdependent and mutually beneficial loyalties. So it is with the individual believer’s relationship to the International, Continental, National and Local Funds."

The Baha'i Holy Writings A: In part they go to fund grassroots, collaborative social action efforts that "promote the material well-being of the population, in addition to its spiritual welfare", by: Serving the neighborhoods, villages or communities in which they are located
Supporting study courses, children's classes, and junior youth and youth empowerment programs designed to develop capacity within a population to change their lives for the better Many of the grassroots social action efforts are based in shared values held by project participants, of whatever faith tradition to which they may belong, and are informed by Baha'i ideas and teachings. Q: What do the Baha'i Funds do exactly? Q: But what if I really want to contribute something and I'm not yet a Baha'i? A: Contact your local Baha'i community! Baha'is can receive gifts to fuel activities aimed at the "betterment of the world." Many Baha'i communities are engaged in social action initiatives that are based in and serve the community, particularly projects that work with children and junior youth, and that may benefit from outside contributions of time, money or other resources. Q: Where do I go if I would like more information? A: If you would like more information visit:

The international Baha'i website: http://www.bahai.org Contact us at: fundamentals@usbnc.org

Produced by the Office of the Treasurer
Evanston, IL

Copyright 2010 National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United States Thank you for spending this time with us! The Baha'i Faith in the US: http://www.bahai.us For an ongoing conversation about how to make our financial lives a mirror of our spiritual ones: http://fundamentals.usbnc.org The international Baha'i website: http://www.bahai.org
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