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Evolution of a

No description

Amber Honig

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Evolution of a

Back To School
Current Situation
The Journey of a
Back to College
Fast Facts about Target
Our Plan
Greater emphasis on community using Up & Up brand
Bring in your report card and get a free gift for C average or higher
5% of all Up & Up proceeds in July and August go directly back into local schools
Increased convenience
Online forum- 50 most common back to school items
Supplies to last you throughout the year
In-store pickup
Target Market
Supporting Data and Research
Total BTS sales estimated at $26.7 billion
55.7% will purchase electronics
59.6% of parents say their children influence at least half of their BTS purchases
SWOT Analysis
Middle School
Basic school supplies
Locker shelves, mirrors and decorations
Increased emphasis on clothes
More fad sensitive
How to Attract Them
Accompanying you on your journey....
Began as Dayton Dry Goods Company
Opened first Target store in Roseville, Minnesota in 1962
1797 stores in the US, and 91 stores in Canada
37 distribution centers
361,000 team members worldwide
3rd largest retailer in the US
$777 million donated to education
(Take Charge of Education)
Analysis of Competitors
One stop shop
Quality products
Exclusive brands- clothing, backpacks, "fashion" items
Fashionable dorm decor
Strong multichannel presence
Price sensitive college students lack top of mind awareness
Awareness of school supplies
Up & Up brand recognition
Informing customers of programs: Target Ticket, Cartwheel, Back To College apps
No BTS/BTC monopoly
Transitioning college living
(large and small items)
Brand differentiation
Wal-Mart has top of mind awareness
Domestic economic conditions
Many competitors in different categories
(IKEA, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Office Depot)
Break through clutter, stand out
Project Analysis
High School
More emphasis on convenience as parent
Back to school clothes shopped for independently
Increased emphasis on being trendy and fashionable
May reuse things from previous years (backpacks, locker decorations, locks, etc.)
Multiple Child Shoppers
Average amount of kids in an American home is 2.05
A combination of all the supplies depending on the child
Less time/effort spent per child than single child parents
As children get older more emphasis on convenience

Create a strong association with Target and community. Target wants to be there for your child/your education from your first day of school to your last.
Segment BTS/BTC into smaller sub-segments. Learn what each segment wants and how best to reach them
Emphasize education, convenience and create top of mind awareness
$100 Apple store gift card with Macbook purchase
BTS/BTC promotion began in June
Next Steps
Focus attention on Back to College goods first, conduct market research on new styles ex: bedding and furniture.
Design commercials before season to increase awareness of programs.
Closer to the Back to School season, Design gifts for the good grades giveaway and in store designs to highlight promotions.
Large shopping spree to get all dorm necessities.
Price conscious, but willing to spend on important things
Comforter, storage units, clothes, room decor
Shopping with mom or dad
Typically on a buy as needed basis, not one big shopping spree.
More price conscious, and don't buy in large volumes. Generally shops alone or with friends.
Looking for apartment necessities, already have room decor from dorm.
Focus on bringing them in.
Have mode of transportation
Any Questions?
"Basic" supplies: Paper pens, colored pencils, glue etc.
Non-academic supplies: backpack, lunchbox, snacks first day of school outfit.
Mother doing most of the shopping

Our Plan
Get them in the door!
5% off Up & Up brand with student ID
Extend trendy RE line to include more color consistent household necessities with low cost (tables, chairs, furniture, kitchenware, bathroom supplies)
Add college-specific merchandise
Enhance the Target Back to College annual after-hours shopping soiree
To recap....
Through these strategies, Target will become more than a destination for BTS and BTC guests. It will become a third party that accompanies your family through every step of your academic journey, from Kindergarten to College Senior.

Increased sense of community
Increased awareness of Up & Up
Long-term sustainable competitive advantage built with school supplies
"More School/College for your money"
Large "grab-bag" bins
Significant floor space
How to Reach Customers
TV Commercials emphasizing Up & Up brand quality at more competitive prices
Ads on Hulu/Netflix emphasizing exclusive clothing brands targeting middle and high school students
Informing people about Target's multiple apps

Direct mail catalogs sent to homes with children
Similar product assortment
Discount incentives for larger orders
Not the most price competitive
Decreased profit from 5% discount and donation
Increasing the amount of home goods offered, will increase costs and decrease economies of scale
Increase in online shopping at other outlets
Further expansion into apartment merchandise
Better compete with a retailers including IKEA, Amazon
Total BTC sales estimated at $45.8 billion
36.6% say they will do more comparative shopping online
17.2% of students will shop at a home decor specialty store for furnishings
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