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A Child Called "It"

Graphic organizer

Arely Peralta

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of A Child Called "It"

Mother David Pelzer Mother would starve Dave Mother smash his face against the mirror mother order to take of clothes and stand by the stove Excluding Dave from the family Father gives up with the battle against mother and left the house Father sneaking food to the basement & getting mom drunk Low self-esteem
making feel he was not good enough for anything
Emotionally hurting Dave Hurt him physically by trying to burn his arm
messed with his emotions making him feel scared,terrified, and unsafe.
only time was part of his survival makes mother more crew towards Dave
father ends up losing and causing Dave suffer consequences
connection between the father and Dave was slipping away.
Dave lost hope in the only person he trusted
totally unprotected and was on his own Leaves Dave totally unprotected
fell into drinking instead of helping making things worst
lost hope and felt like it was going to be the last time he would see him. Hope for Dave
useless results caused him to suffer
Fear and unsafe for the next day
lives with fear and not knowing what will come up next . weak
two face
powerless Happy
close family
meeting children's needs Father Happy Family crew
mentally sick School Nurse keep records
Shows emotions towards Dave
reports everything to the principle Police officer aware of the situation
willing to help
tries to meet Dave's needs
Protective caring
knew how to help Dave Helped Dave Survive Nurse kept records Developed a sensation of protection
Caring He showed up in school The feels scared but he feels safe at the same time.
He feels relief after he tells on mom but guilty at the time because he knows he is in trouble. police officer takes David to his office Feels safe after he calls mother to tell her "Dave will not be coming home today and he is under someone else custody
.Feels safe
Trusting Smiles He feels relaxed
he knows the police is part of his survival The squeeze on his shoulder He feels comfort
He is finally Free color code: green= headers pink= subtitles Yellow= body(details) orange= how it affected his development white= events Every day reviewing his marks He always told her the truth
He trusted her not calling his mother
Dave did as the nurse told him like when she asked him to undress. He was unhealthy
Affected him mentally
forced him to still food
fear b/c of stealing food and anticipation b/c he would have something to put in his mouth Dave would go form three to ten days without eating.
He would only obtain food when he stole it
when digging in the trash can
from leftovers Called him "the boy"
or "it"
unrecognized as a member of the family not allow to eat at the table with everyone
nor play with his brothers
not allowed to watch television
only allowed to do chores
had to clean off the table and wash the dishes
in the basement he had to stand all the time Father battled for Dave to eat. Fed a spoon of ammonia/Clorox to Dave health problems
cause physical abuse
emotional challenges (fear, wishing death, sense of not belonging
neglect was taking place father drying dishes with Dave got a bit closer
hope came back to Dave
father gave Dave a since of a better future for both of them
mother ended having control of everyone at the house he was part of these maltreatment Many things caused Dave's development Physical abuse
Mental abuse
Emotional abuse (verbal, treats, terrorizing, ect.)
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